Girton Boy Bottles It

A Girton student was carted off by the cops on Wednesday after bottling another student in Cindies.

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A Girtonian spent a night behind bars after bottling another student in Cindies on Wednesday.

Fourth year Pembroke student Andrew Bell was allegedly BOTTLED with a VK in Cindies’ smoking area by a 2nd year Girtonian.

Bell had to be treated for his injuries and his attacker spent the night in a cell after being cuffed by cops.

Matty McBride, a Pembroke second year who saw the incident, said: “We were outside, I looked around and saw him being bottled and then the bouncers were straight in, police were called and they handcuffed him.

“The bottle smashed right on his face, there was loads of blood.”

But Bell was keen to downplay the incident, saying: “I don’t know if he had a bottle, I think he just punched me.”

The bust up was reportedly sparked after a confrontation between Bell and the Girtonian at The Mahal. Both were on swaps at the venue, and the banter between the groups got a bit out of hand.

A second year Newnham girl who was on a swap with Bell, said the rival group were “chanting at us, general sit down shut up sort of thing, the usual. Then at the end they came over and started talking.”

But Bell said he didn’t know who his attacker was, claiming he’d “never seen him in [his] life.”

Commenting on the fate of his attacker Bell said: “We’ll see. I gave a statement to the police last night, he’s being charged.”

Bell’s attacker isn’t the first Girtonian to find himself on the wrong side of the law. Girton historian Charlie Gilmour is currently serving a 16 month sentence for his role in last year’s student protests.

Additional reporting by Harry Shukman