The Tab Guide to a week long post-exam bender

How to get in the bin and stay there

The News Bulletin, Week 2: Port & parody, Curry King comrades and cover picture conundrums

Jack Benda and Ellie Olcott round up the weekly news

I’d rather be at any other Uni than Cambridge

Cambridge is shit. Let’s stop kidding ourselves

Dryathlon: Week 1

SOPHIA VAHDATI reports back on her first week as a Dryathlete.

Soothe Your 5th Week Blues: Seduction Tips

CHARLOTTE IVERS gives her tips on how to get laid in 5th week…

The Worst Club in Cambridge?

It’s time to settle that age-old debate once and for all: which is Cambridge’s worst nightclub? Click here to cast your vote!

Sober At Cindies

LAUREN CHAPLIN throws all caution to the wind and goes to Cindies sober…

Tab Tries: Mixtape Society

Mixtape Soc will save you from cultural poverty, writes RUTH MARINER

Cambridge Bombs In Booze Survey

New survey results show students at nearly every other uni drink more than the average Cambridge student.

Girton Boy Bottles It

A Girton student was carted off by the cops on Wednesday after bottling another student in Cindies.

Don’t Stop Believin’ in Cindies

SAVE CAMBRIDGE’S CLUBS: The ironic fun of Cindies is an essential part of the Cambridge experience – please don’t shut it down!

Best Comments: Week Two

Debate arises over Stephen Hawking’s tipple of choice and the ‘poo man’ battles the ‘pun man’ in this week’s pick of The Tab’s best comments.

Welcome to the Happiest University in the UK

Freshers of 2011 will be pleased to know that not only is Cambridge the best academically, it’s also the happiest university in the country.

Tab Week: Blues Rower

In a new Tab feature, Blues Rower MIKE THORP shares how he manages to eat 6000 calories and sleep for 8 hours a day, with 35.5 hours of training each week.

Tab Tries: Chat-Up Lines, Again

After the dubious success of Tab Chat-Up Lines, Mark I, five brave men tested a few more unconventional gems. Expressions of loathing, slaps and offers of prayers for their damaged souls ensued.

Get Your Game On

MATT O’KANE on why gaming is OK.

Lexi Abrams

“One can never forget that strip of itchy, yet necessary, blue and red insignia that I carry around with me like a tattoo of elitism – my John’s scarf.”

Catz May Ball

ROBERT SMITH: ‘I’d spend an evening quaffing quick booze to wash down a Nutella crepe as Paul from S Club sings ‘Follow your heart’s desire’ instead of ‘Climb every mountain higher’ for the hundredth time any day.’

Review: Newnham June Event

ALASDAIR PAL: ‘Newnham got the Big Decisions right: a well-executed theme over a big headline act; plentiful drink over quality and outrageous queues; and the ability to get a square foot of henna inked across your face.’


ADRIAN PASCU-TULBURE is truly awed by those who can run the Marathon, though he’d rather be in the pub.