green monsters

REVEALED: Cambridge’s top ten most notorious drinking societies

The results are in.

Jesus Vs Girton: Caesarean Sunday Fight lineups announced

The Caesareans and Green Monsters met yesterday for the pre-C-Sunday weigh-in. Find out which side carries a huge weight advantage into Sunday’s fight.

Colleges Warn: Don’t be Seen at Jesus Green

A number of college Deans have emailed undergraduates, urging them to steer clear of Caesarian Sunday.


Police are promising a Caesarian Sunday crackdown after negotiations break down between the Caesarians and Jesus College.

Girton Boy Bottles It

A Girton student was carted off by the cops on Wednesday after bottling another student in Cindies.

Best Comments: Week Two

A round up of the best comments this week: your views on baths, sex shops and garden parties.


DAISY MITCHELL takes a look at the various initiation experiences going on this week…