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Why you should write for The Tab Brookes

It’ll be a better decision than a night out in Atik

With our open meeting on Tuesday 29th at 19:00 in City Arms, here are a few reasons why we want you to write for The Tab Brookes.

To write stories students care about

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Last term we reported on the devastating news of Purple Turtle closing down. Which was shortly followed up by a Brookes third year student creating a petition to keep Purple Turtle.

We also get the opportunity to attend anticipated events, such as Gentlemen's Fight Night, and reporting on everything from best dressed to the tea from the event.

Let's not forget our regular Clubbers of the Week.

To start a career in Journalism

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Tab writers have gone onto write for The Times, The Telegraph, Vice, The Sun and The Mail to name a few.

Flo Perry, Editor at Buzzfeed, and a former Durham Tab writer said: “The Tab is a unique platform for students to get their voice heard. There is no other organisation offering such creative freedom with such a big audience. It was the most fun thing I did at uni, and I wouldn’t have the job I have now without it.”

Other Tab alumni have gone onto write for UK Vogue (Ellie Pithers, The Tab Cambridge, ‘11) as well as the New Statesman (Patrick Maguire, The Tab UCL, ‘16).

To meet new people and have fun

At the end of it, it's all a bit of fun and a chance to meet people who share the same passion. We do go out too, we're not that boring. Regular socials is what keeps us sane through exam season.

Sign up here, join us at the open meeting or contact our Editor in Chief at [email protected]