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Clubbers of the Week: Week Nine

How is it almost December?

Another week down, and with only a few more weeks to go until Christmas holidays, the stress is real.

But never fear, we're back, and the alcoholism is going strong.

A visual representation of my last three brain cells on a night out

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The new Lion King live-action film looks sick

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When you can't pull a girl for the night, so taking your mate home is the only option

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The bromance is real

"Bro send her that, trust me, it'll make her want you sooo bad"

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PSA: it probably won't x

When you're living your best life but your mate is hating every minute of his

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If you don't get the reference you're too young and shouldn't be reading this x

Not quite sure what this guy saw, but we want to know

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Photobomber of the week goes to:

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Trying to fit in with the boys like:

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What does getting drunk off air feel like?

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This guy would know