Dani Dyer confirmed to be heading to Atik

We can’t wait to meet our new national treasure

The Cellar nightclub is once again in danger of closing down

Due to safety regulations The Cellar may soon be gone for good

Brookes third year sets up petition for Oxford students to receive same maintenance loan as London students

It needs 10,000 signatures before the government responds

Law exam left to wait in silence for 40 minutes while more additional booklets were found

Not ideal really

Uber-style buses will soon be up and running in Oxford

This sounds uber good

I love roast dinners so much I wrote my whole dissertation on them

I hope she hands it in smothered in gravy

BREAKING: All written exams will now be taking place at the King’s Centre

The change will take place from May this year

We don’t really know why, but the SU might be changing it’s name to ‘Hoi Polloi Students’ Union’

No joke, there is an open meeting about it on the eighth of March and anyone can vote

BREAKING: Big Shaq is headlining the End of Year Festival

It promises to be Brookes’ biggest event yet

The Queen of the Jungle is coming to MNB this February

She may be little but she was the Toff-est

Brookes is the sixth worst uni for student satisfaction with mental health services

According to our Mental Health Rankings 2017

It’s official, Brookes has made it into the top 10 most active unis on Bumble

We are bee-autiful tbf

Come Dine With Me is coming to Oxford, and you can be on it

You could be the next Peter Marsh

A Puppy Petting Day is coming to Oxford next Semester


Due to the Snow Day, all deadlines have been extended by 24 hours

You have an extra day to get your life together

Brookes’ Waterpolo Team showed off their new suits in the snow today

They had an impromptu photoshoot in South Park

People are already queueing outside Finders Keepers to get a house for next year

The housing lists go live on Tuesday

Mamma Mia Two is being filmed in Oxford RIGHT NOW

Get yourself to Queens Lane asap