This is what your Halloween outfit says about you as a Brookes student

May the most basic outfit win!

It’s that time of year again. Halloween is here aka the biggest fancy dress party ever. Each year brings new opportunities for creative outfits, but as uni students in crippling debt, we have to work with what we have which of course isn’t a lot. So come forth the basic Halloween outfits as we give a rundown of what your outfits this year says about you:

A devil or angel

Get your devil horns or angel wings out because you can’t get any more simple than this. A very quick and easy last-minute outfit when your brain has run blank of what you could possibly dress up as. You deffo don’t care about Halloween and you are just going for a night out. Get your red dress out of the wardrobe for this one and hope no one else owns it or it would be awkward to bump into someone else looking exactly like you (it’s bound to happen). Stay basic boo x

A pirate

Another easy outfit to do but it has a lot of variation to it. This one is for the girlies who have a corset at the ready. You’ve definitely bought a pirate hat from amazon or Smiffys on Cowley road as a very last-minute outfit. However, you might spice it up with a bit of fake blood or a fake gun to take on an authentic pirate look. Get your Captain Morgan and pirate jokes at the ready.

Pirate theme of course

Men in black

Ramping it up with a less basic outfit which the whole group can get involved in. Black ties and a white shirt, bosh, outfit complete. Only the hardcore go with an alien accomplice and one step further, the iconic black sunglasses. Let’s hope someone doesn’t pour a drink on your white shirt or the aesthetic is ruined. This one is for the groups who can’t agree on an outfit so all go as MIB.

Prisoners/Police Officers

Every Halloween there is an army of prisoners swarming the clubs. The orange jumpsuit with a random set of numbers is brought out. This outfit is brought out every year for most boys without a doubt. The police outfit is a little bit more original but it’s no better than a prisoner. The police people among us are willing to splash the cash a bit on the outfit. If you don’t have fake handcuffs then you might as well go home.

An outfit with blood on it

Last but not least the most basic of all. If you wear this, what’s even the point in dressing up? If you are going to do it it’s a go-hard or go-home situation – rips in the shirt, blood everywhere and SFX makeup on your face. Next year you better be getting creative because this outfit is a dismal attempt at Halloween to be honest.

For all those creative people out there who didn’t go as one of these, I salute you as you got a little bit more creative than these outfits.

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