This is your personality based on your favourite Brookes night out

If your favourite night is Broke Mondays, we need to have a chat

Brookes students love a good night out. In Oxford, we have been blessed with several different student nights to attend every week and almost every day. Everyone has a favourite student night out and if you don’t, you definitely need to get out more.

However, the student night out that you take a liking to says a lot about your personality. Just saying, if your favourite is Broke Mondays, you’re definitely a fresher. I don’t make the rules! This is what your favourite Oxford Brookes night out says about you:

Broke Mondays

A classic night out with entry costing as little as £2, you definitely go on this night out if you are far into your overdraft – thanks Santander. If you regularly attend Broke Mondays you don’t care about your liver and most likely don’t care about your uni work, you live the Brookes not books lifestyle.

If you spontaneously attend Broke Mondays, you like to live life on the edge. You’re often sat at home bored and you put a message in the group chat asking if anyone is free. Three hours later, you are blackout drunk on the cheese room floor.

Monday Night Bridge

If you prefer to go to MNB you definitely have a bit of class about you. You love socialising because Bridge is so small you are bound to bump into at least someone you know. I can only assume that you are a social smoker/vaper because the smoking area in Bridge is filled with half the people in the club.

I’ve heard that sporty boys like MNB so ladies if this is your type on paper, head on down to Bridge. It might be your lucky Monday.

Skittles Tuesday

If you love a bit of Skittles Tuesday at Plush then your hips don’t lie. The music in there gets almost everyone moving without a doubt. If you go here, you love a jager bomb, especially from the person walking around the club selling them from a tray.

However, Plush has quite low ceilings as it is underground. If you can withstand a whole night there you are part of the fearless clubbers among us as it gets very hot very quickly.  You just have to hope it doesn’t get busy or you might end up being squished alive.


Wednesdays are indeed for Fishies. One of the greatest student nights out there is. The sports evening with ridiculous themes and never-ending VKs, what more can you want?

Students who go to Fishies have no shame. They will be walking down Cowley Road in the weirdest outfits and not a single person batters an eyelid. Shout out to people who commit to their themes every week – you are the true heroes of sports night.

If you attend Fishies, you definitely love a VK  and try to down them in 0.5 seconds before it’s thrown all over the place. Thursdays are a rough day for any Fishies attendees, and those who make it to uni are incredibly brave.

The de-brief on a Thursday morning will never be topped as everyone remembers the ridiculous things that happened the night before while being extremely hungover and questioning whether to go to their lectures.

Thursday Karaoke at City Arms

Pints, pool tables and beautiful duets, a pub night that every student has to attend at least once. Get your More card ready as this is the night to build up all your points. The vibes are high, everyone is having a laugh and singing beautiful renditions of Islands In The Stream.

The confident ones among us will start the karaoke off on a drink or two but the fun starts to begin when some pints have been sunk and the real singing voices come out.

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