Oxford Brookes campus left without water due to a burst water pipe

The university is providing portable toilets and bottled water for students and staff

Oxford Brookes University’s Wheatley Campus has been left without water after a water pipe burst.

On Tuesday this week, a Thames Water pipe failed and left parts of Oxford without water. Private households, students and businesses all saw themselves affected by the incident.

Although the pipe has been repaired now, the water supply issue is expected to continue until this evening.

More than 300 households were left without water for almost 24 hours. Oxford Brookes University Wheatley Campus was one of them. Crescent Hall and Paul Kent Hall were also affected by the failed water pipe and were left without water supply and water pressure issues.

The university sent out emails to all students on Wednesday which said it is “talking to Thames Water about timescales for fixing this.” The email also said there will be portable toilets and bottled water at Wheatley Campus to support students and staff.

Thames Water is providing bottled water stations in and around Oxford to supply water for affected households. Bottled water stations that have reopened today are the following: Tesco, Ambassador Avenue, Oxford OX4 6XJ, Asda, London Road, Wheatley, Oxford OX33 1YZ and Cattle Market car park in Thame, North Street OX9 3FP.

Thames Water posted earlier today on Twitter that the pipe has now been repaired by their engineers and that they are now in the process of refilling reservoirs. Following that, the university sent out emails informing students about the repair. As of now, Wheatley Campus still has no water supply but remains open.

In an Instagram post, Oxford Brookes University said: “To support staff and students, we’re bringing extra bottled water to Wheatley Campus tomorrow and portable toilets will remain in place.”