Oxford Brookes is officially the seventh most haunted university in the UK

They don’t call it spooky season for nothing

Just in time for Halloween, Oxford Brookes has ranked as one of the most haunted universities in the UK, placing at number seven in the rankings.

In a study conducted by The Knowledge Academy that looked at 59 UK universities, factors such as the number of cemeteries, gravestones and listed buildings within two miles of each campus as well as paranormal reports from the areas were all considered to determine just how haunted each university is.

With an overal spooky score of 7.5, Brookes scored 8.96 for number of listed buildings, 7.24 for number of paranormal activities, 5.17 for number of gravestones in cemetries, and for number of cemetries nerar the campus it scored 9.13.

Seeing as Brookes is a relatviely new university having only opened in 1992, 19 paranormal sightings listed during that time is more than enough for me.

So if you’re looking for a fright this Halloween, campus is apparently the place to be.

The full findings can be found here.

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