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Here are the best dressed at Gentlemen’s Fight Night 2018

Brookes students have never looked better

Gentlemen's Fight Night was back for another year and to say it banged would an understatement.

Trying to get hold of a ticket for this event was hard enough, let alone trying to select a few individuals for best dressed, so we bought a part of Gentlemen's Fight Night 2018 to you.

Take a break from your deadlines and admire these Brookes beauties.

Beth Tubdall, second year, Geography

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Lauren Rayner, second year, Geography

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Angus Jules Edwards, second year, International Relations

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Millie Taylor, third year, History of Art

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Ollie Kinghorn, third year, Business Management

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Gina Hardy, second year, Anthropology

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Donald Manyenyeni, second year, Business and Management

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Monika Dochan, second year, International Business

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Rob Townsend, third year, Business and Management and Savanaugh Robertson, third year, Spanish and French

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Charlie Steward, third year, Economics

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Lara Kelly, third year, Publishing

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Harry Bower, Vice President of Academic Experience and Sean Keeley, President of the Student's Union

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