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These Brookes third years bought a hot tub and TV for their garden so they can play Fortnite in it

Doing my diss in the tub definitely kept me up to date

We all know by now what it means to live in a Sad Boy House. In one corner of the kitchen, there's a sky-high pile of unwashed dishes. In the other, there will be the leaning tower of Ristorante pizza boxes waiting patiently to be taken outside.

The decor will be very unimpressive, with a very sad string of fairy lights working very hard to make the place look nice. For most sad boys, if they've got the Playstation, the three-seater sofa, and the fan oven that can hit 180° with ease, then they are happy.

This is not the case with this house of eight Oxford Brookes third years however. They don't settle for anything but the best, and that's why they have a hot tub and not one, not two but THREE TV's set up in their garden.

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At this point, you may be thinking that having a hot tub in a student house is excessive. You probably think it's a bit pathetic, or maybe a bit far-fetched. But that's where you're wrong, you see.

Harry has clearly put his Real Estate degree to good use here, noticing that the garden was missing some key components that would topped off their sad boy aesthetic. He was aware that it wasn't a normal move for any student to splash out on a hot tub, but now he's got one he realises that he could never go back.

The boys have played many a game of Fortnite whilst pampering themselves, and had "a few good wins in the tub". The tactic? We asked Harry. "Communication was key, especially when the bubbles were on".

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Harry admits: "It's very nice to have a soak in the mornings before lectures and after hockey training".

It didn't take long for the eight friends to get their money's worth. They use it every day. In the winter it was heated to a stunning 40 degrees, and in the summer it serves as a plunge pool.

Harry even boasts that he's worked on his dissertation whilst in the hot tub, more than once.

It's clear that these boys have decided to accept the fact that they are sad boys and have gone to great measures to own their sad boy vibe. Look at where they are now. In a hot tub, playing Fortnite, with their dissertations submitted.