Bristol charity FUZE launch across UK as they spread message of diversity and inclusivity

More opportunities for young and underrepresented creatives as far as Manchester and London

Bristol’s biggest creative network FUZE are extending their brand to the biggest cities in the UK including Manchester and London.

For 20 years FUZE has been creating opportunities for performers and creatives in Bristol with a promise of diversity and inclusion in everything they do. They will now be extending their community across the UK allowing them to encourage and support the next generation of artists.

The previously student run organisation has near doubled in size and as part of their new venture they have interviewed and provided skills training for their existing members. This has allowed them to cultivate the growth of their organisation and those that are part of it.

With their new team and support from their partners Mac Cosmetics and Select Model Management, FUZE is aiming to expand their team by 50 per cent and extend their reach on social media to ensure their message is seen and heard.

FUZE’s primary purpose is raising money for charities that tackle what they believe to be the biggest issues facing our generation – racial discrimination, homophobia, transphobia and mental health.

Since their inception in 2003, they have raised over £100,000. In their expansion they have set themselves specific targets for the amount of money they want to raise and their long-term goal is to become one of the UK’s largest non-profit organisations.

Managing director Pippa Adamthwaite-Cook has been involved with FUZE for three years and will be overseeing all departments of FUZE and its expansions.

“I am passionate about what FUZE does for young creatives, both personally and professionally. Since 2003, we have grown a strong community in Bristol built to last and this will always remain our home, with our annual show taking place in Bristol in June”, she told The Bristol Tab.

“However, we believe in the power and message of FUZE and want to share this across the country. With the long-term goal of building inclusive communities across the UK, which give professional and performance opportunities to young people, while supporting the well-being and development of young minds with all profits raised going to charity. We will begin by launching club nights across the UK, finding homes in each city, and building a FUZE Family network.

“If you are passionate about working in the creative industry and are struggling to get your foot in the door, looking to network or connect with likeminded people, or just looking for a place in your city to fit in, we have something for you at FUZE.”

Featured Image Credit: @alicesuttonphotography

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