Six of the top spots for a pint of Guinness less than a 15 minute walk from Bristol Uni

The creamiest pints of Guinness you have to check out this St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is here, and whilst you may not be Irish, or have any understanding of the history behind the annual March festival, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get involved. Whilst I’m not suggesting that this requires you dying your hair green or going scavenging for four-leaf clovers on the Downs, you should maybe treat yourself to a Guinness or two this Sunday.

Whether you’re attempting to split the G or hit the harp, you deserve to do it with the best Guinness available. Whilst Bristol certainly isn’t Dublin, worry not, because luckily for students and lovers of Guinness, we are certainly not short of options on where to spend your St Paddy’s Day.

Highbury Vaults

This pint will set you back a few quid, but it’s worth it for its prime location and atmosphere. The Guinness here has a delightful bitter flavour, a perfect temperature and a solid level of creaminess. The care poured into this glass of Guinness is undeniable and, well, the proof truly is in the “dome”.

The historic pub dates back to the 1850s and upon entry you know you are stepping into an excellent establishment, potentially the cosiest pub in Bristol. Whilst seemingly tiny from the outside and narrow in nature, the pub extends backwards and with options for both outdoor and indoor seating there should almost definitely be a table available for you to enjoy your Guinness.

Whilst your wallets may feel a little lighter than at other pubs, you certainly won’t be leaving feeling dissatisfied.  A visit here on St Paddy’s Day is highly recommended. A solid 8.8/10

The Clyde

Tucked away in the heart of Redland this pub offers everything you want from a classic pub. Without the glow of neon lights in your face, you have the option to play a game of pool or darts whilst embracing your true “blokecore” aesthetic. Most importantly, the Guinness served can’t be faulted, just make sure you bring your flat cap for true immersion.

Best of all, as a pub predominantly for locals, you need not worry about bumping into someone you got heated with in your seminar that morning.

The Guinness here was, as expected, excellent, with an ideal level of creaminess and a fantastic flavour that wasn’t too bitter. Whilst it didn’t quite have that perfect dome, it was nonetheless served with a lovely flat top which adequately withstood the “tilt test”.

This one scores a solid 8.5/10


The beer garden here is popular for a reason but in the milder temperatures of March, a trip to Channings is not always top of the list.

This pub may be better known for its Aperol Sprits for a reason- the Guinness here just didn’t quite hit the spot. The temperature was very solid, just what you want, however, the drink itself was a bit too diluted, negatively impacting both its creaminess and the flavour of the drink. Perhaps the saving grace was a surprisingly solid level of schtick to the glass, although this really added little value to the experience and the drink as a whole was disappointing- maybe stick to the Baby Guinness here.

With this in mind, and taking into account the beer garden, it gets a very decent 6.8/10; it’s still great in the middle months of the year- just not on St Patrick’s Day!

The Jersey Lilly

A nice little spot by the top of Whiteladies Road this pub is a banger, but perhaps not the number one location for St Paddy’s Day.

This pub offers up a very solid pint of Guinness, pretty much hitting the mark on almost everything you would look for, and may be the ideal choice for those looking for a slightly quieter way to celebrate. This one is definitely a pub for the locals rather than the university students as its atmosphere is quite a jump from O’Neills this weekend. It scores a very firm 7.7/10.

The Red Monkey

Another one in the Redland “student city”, located on Chandos Road this pub has a bit of a calmer atmosphere but whose Guinness was unexpectedly great and perhaps even made up for the lack of energy.

Again, this one is for the locals – it’s not the largest of pubs, however, outside of St Patrick’s Day definitely check it out if you live in Redland and want a relatively quiet night but still fancy a quick pint with the boys. – A solid 8.4/10

The Kings Arms

Another fine establishment on the top of Whiteladies, with multiple screens at nearly every angle, this pub is the spot if you fancy watching the sport while drinking your pint of Irish Champagne.

However, the pub is not short of customers and, occasionally, this may result in a bit of a wait for your pint of Guinness.

Despite a buzzing atmosphere, in all honesty, the Guinness was a little disappointing; whilst it had a solid creaminess, the flavour was a little too bitter for my personal liking. Of course, taste is subjective so you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

This one scores a decent 7.5/10

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