An A to Z of everything you’ll get up to on the Bristol University student ski trip

With mere days to go, let’s make sure our ski trip lingo is at the ready ladies and gents

The infamous Bristol Uni ski trip is taking place tomorrow, eek! With over 2000 jetting off to the Alps, it’s about time we wrapped up all the shenanigans you lot will certainly get up to in Tignes. Everyone, be on your best behaviour, and to the poor, poor families hoping for a nice Easter ski trip, we apologise.

A – Après

“I want to ski all day” – said everyone. Newsflash! This isn’t a family ski holiday, you will après more than ski and that is absolutely fine.

B – Bunk Beds

Let the fight for the bottom bunk begin.

C – Coach

Shoutout to those brave soldiers taking the 24-hour coach (I’m flying this year HAHA).

D – Duty Free

The duty-free staff in Bristol Airport and on the ferry aren’t going to know what’s hit them when we swarm in straight to the alcohol. It’s basically free, so you’ve got to get two litres each.


The most iconic French ski school – you can see those red jackets and salopettes from miles away.

F – Folie Douce

What would skiing be without the beauty of a Folie Douce? Bonus points if the only run home is a red and everyone makes it down on their arse

G – Gnarly

“Dude, let’s go shred some gnarl on the slopes.”

H – Hip Flask

UBSC knows what’s up by bringing out trip merch with hip flasks available. Nothing like a cheeky swig on the chairlift.

I – Ibuprofen

A genuine must-have – skiing all day and drinking all night isn’t the best for your body, shocker I know.

J – Jägermeister

Jäger is consumed at a greater rate than water when it comes to uni ski trips. It keeps you buzzed AND you get drunk, what a bloody bonus.


All hail this year’s headliners. Get ready for the mid-week party of your life.

L – Le Lac

The hub of Tignes.

M – Magic Carpet

For those of you who are beginners, prepare to be humbled when on the magic carpet with all the five-year-olds who are insanely good.

N – Naughty

There will be lots of naughty behaviour, make sure to check up on your significant other or situationship. Props to you if you make it out alive

O – Oakley

Who isn’t immediately jealous of anyone who owns Oakley goggles?

P – Piz Buin

Best suncream for The Alps – make sure you top up on the chairlifts, even if it’s cloudy. Those UV rays don’t lie.

Q – Queues

Whether its for the gondola or club, be prepared for lots of queuing in the cold.

R – Rah

The ski trip takes “rah where’s my baccy” to a new level but this time it will take the form of fur headbands, matching Moncler ski sets and Oakleys. It’s best to accept early on that everyone else looks cooler than you.

S – Spar

No, I don’t mean saunas and massages, I mean the iconic supermarket that dominates ski resorts. Stock up on baguettes, ham and cheese for lunches.

T – Tignes

In honour of the 2024 trip, let’s see how it competes with 2023 Val Thorens, or even 2022 Avoriaz if you’re a real one.


Thanks to UBSC, Bristol Uni hosts the biggest uni ski trip in the UK and they are icons for that.

V – Val Claret

The other hub of Tignes.

W – Wasteland Ski

The organisers of the trip, and let me tell you, Wasteland reps are EVERYWHERE. What they actually do I’m not too sure of.

X – Xtreme Sport

This letter was a struggle. No judgment please.

Y – ‘You’ve never skied before????’

No Hugo, my parents don’t own a chalet in Val-d’lsère.

Z – Zigzag

Get those parallel turns in and you’ll zigzag down any slope, black or green.

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