Joe Pinner

Joe Pinner
Bristol University

Joe's skills include writing, researching, and investigation for written articles, as well as presenting, production, editing, and cinematography for audiovisual content

  • Joe is a freelance multimedia contributor for The Bristol Tab, producing both written and audiovisual content
  • Primarily writing news, Joe specialises in covering student protest action such as Just Stop Oil's campus vandalism which was featured on the National Tab
  • Joe is also an award-winning film-maker, experimenting across genres to create both fictional and documentary films


Joe joined The Bristol Tab in late 2022 and has been a regular contributor since, producing written articles as well as short-form videos for Instagram and TikTok that have covered topics such as news, student life and popular culture


Joe is in his final year as a Politics and International Relations student at the University of Bristol, completing his dissertation on patterns of discursive construction within the mass media and their relation to world politics


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Derby Day disrupted as women’s hockey players protest against Bristol SU Code of Conduct

‘The union is letting women down, it is letting the club down, and the union is not supporting its members’

Students occupy Victoria Rooms protesting Bristol University’s ‘complicity in genocide’

The group stated they intend to stay overnight until their demands are met

200 Bristol students join pro-Palestine demonstration outside Bristol Uni’s Senate House

‘No cause on the planet should justify the killing of civilians’

UWE student arrested after painting Bristol Uni building orange in Just Stop Oil protest

The 21-year-old film student was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage

Activists ambush Bristol Uni Vice-Chancellor over ‘cruel’ animal research practices

The PETA protest comes after a number of celebrities have condemned Bristol University’s use of the ‘forced swim test’

Bristol Uni student dressed as Gandalf ‘flabbergasted’ after meeting Ian McKellen

Ben told The Bristol Tab: ‘It was like the universe giving me a birthday present’

Bristol Uni students storm Beacon House in protest against ‘forced swim’ animal research

‘It’s now time for the university to step up and do the responsible thing’

Eco-Banksy goes to work on cars in Clifton

At least three cars have been sighted sporting their new paint jobs

In conversation with the Bristol student facing nine months in jail

‘Of course I’m worried what getting arrested might mean for my future’

Bristol University is handing out free pizza parties for completing this survey  

Get all your course mates on it and you can all have a free pizza social

What is Migrateful? Introducing the Bristol cookery class taught by refugee chefs

Fancy learning how to make Sudanese baklava?

Meet B3NJI: The 19-year-old Bristol student who reached The Voice UK semi-finals this week

‘I was walking around Stokes Croft the other day, and I saw a poster with my name on it … I’ve only been here a year and my name is on walls’