New Bristol festival: Was ‘Forwards’ fabulous or a fail?

I’m really looking forward to next year

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For most international students, our students visa expire on 30th October

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Why is Bristol Uni putting out awkward Twitter videos without asking if we’re okay?

‘Why did they not think to tell personal tutors to reach out to their tutees to ask how we are coping?’

Postponing graduations is yet another kick in the teeth to Bristol Uni students

Even the universities minister says graduations should go ahead

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Get ready for some hard hitting political analysis

It’s time to stop normalising uni ‘Lad Culture’ and realise it’s part of the problem

Using the word ‘Fuck Boy’ is only normalising and justifying controlling and predatory behaviours

We don’t need a ‘Free Speech Champion’, we need the government to champion students

British universities are currently failing students in almost every conceivable way

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It’s A Sin giving Juan Pablo a Spanish name is erasing Portuguese culture

‘We really do not get enough representation on TV as it is, so making this type of mistake makes it that much more painful’

Bristol Uni’s ‘enhanced mitigations’ are simply not enough

‘I guess an asteroid would have to hit the earth to justify sufficient support’

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I’m a Jewish UoB student and I’m sick of worrying about professor David Miller

Since last January he has been brought up in roughly every other JSOC committee meeting