Opinion: You can still enjoy Bristol University without participating in drinking culture

Drinking may be a large part of university life, but you can still enjoy your nights out while sober

‘The additional kit cost over £100’: Sport at Bristol Uni feels financially inaccessible

‘One of the reasons I stopped was because of the financial stress it added’

Having a job as a Bristol student is nearly impossible to balance with the pace of university

Thinking of getting a job? If you have the privilege not to, don’t

Therapy by AI: Could ChatGPT help students out with their mental health?

Therapy is for everyone, but many cannot afford it, can’t access it, or struggle to speak about such private and personal details – is speaking to a bot the answer?

Bus, sweat and tears: Bristol’s problem with transport

Home of the great Brunel, Bristol is held up as a historical example of innovation and technological prowess

New Bristol festival: Was ‘Forwards’ fabulous or a fail?

I’m really looking forward to next year

Bristol Uni November graduations: A conscious snub to our international students

For most international students, our students visa expire on 30th October

I’m a Bristol Uni student and I’m sick of having to foot the bill for my safety on a night out

What about students who can’t afford to Uber home?

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Why is Bristol Uni putting out awkward Twitter videos without asking if we’re okay?

‘Why did they not think to tell personal tutors to reach out to their tutees to ask how we are coping?’

Postponing graduations is yet another kick in the teeth to Bristol Uni students

Even the universities minister says graduations should go ahead

This is who should’ve won the SU elections based purely on their campaign music videos

Get ready for some hard hitting political analysis

It’s time to stop normalising uni ‘Lad Culture’ and realise it’s part of the problem

Using the word ‘Fuck Boy’ is only normalising and justifying controlling and predatory behaviours

We don’t need a ‘Free Speech Champion’, we need the government to champion students

British universities are currently failing students in almost every conceivable way

It’s A Sin giving Juan Pablo a Spanish name is erasing Portuguese culture

‘We really do not get enough representation on TV as it is, so making this type of mistake makes it that much more painful’

Bristol Uni’s ‘enhanced mitigations’ are simply not enough

‘I guess an asteroid would have to hit the earth to justify sufficient support’

Students are not back in Bristol to party, so stop demonising us

‘Bristol wouldn’t have had so many sick or dead without them,’ wrote one local resident