Abbey Young

Abbey Young
Bristol University


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Bristol University’s Centre For Black Humanities: Everything the uni is doing to celebrate black histories

Up until Christmas they will be hosting a seminar series celebrating and publicising research in the field of Black Humanities.

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It’s like Stoke Bishop’s very own Parent Trap!

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Find out who wanted to have their cake and eat it

Single Bristol Uni students reveal yourselves: Bris Goes Dating is here

Happy cuffing season one and all!

Bristol charity FUZE launch across UK as they spread message of diversity and inclusivity

More opportunities for young and underrepresented creatives as far as Manchester and London

UWE student goes viral as her halls overlooks the hospital where she beat cancer 17 years ago

The tweet from Maggie’s dad which has received over 150,000 likes and 8,000 retweets has allowed the family to reconnect with the nurses who saved her life

Bristol Uni faced with lawsuit over professor’s alleged harassment of Jewish students

Bristol Uni was unaware of the lawsuit until now

Here are all the best moments and highlights from FUZE 2021 show ‘Utopia’

No fast fashion in sight, just good vibes

Durham Uni fashion show apologise after FUZE accuse them of ‘brand identity theft’

FUZE Bristol said ‘the team at Durham University show a lack of innovation and a disregard for creative integrity’

Here is every type of Bristol Uni student you’ll see in the library during exam season

We can’t all be the girl with pastel highlighters and matching pukka pads

This summer’s must have shoe: Why Bristol Uni girls are wearing Crocs

‘My flatmate and I wore them out and we both pulled, I think the Crocs definitely had something to do with it’

Here’s what to expect from FUZE 2021

UK’s largest student-led fashion show are performing at Lakota Gardens on the 3rd and 4th June

Which supermarket caterpillar cake is your Bristol Uni halls of residence?

We all know Wills is Cecil from Waitrose

Jason Donervan finally returns to the Triangle after year long absence

‘Tell them we’re back and it’s business as usual’

We spoke to students in the City Centre halls who watched the riots from their windows

‘It felt like each man for themselves’

All the free things we received at The Courtrooms, ranked

The grass heads were a weird but nice touch

University of Bristol students to withhold over £1 million in rent strike

Over 800 students have signed up