Here are all the best moments and highlights from FUZE 2021 show ‘Utopia’

No fast fashion in sight, just good vibes

When The Bristol Tab spoke to FUZE earlier in the year, they said that they wanted to make sure that “no matter who you are, you see yourself represented in FUZE” and that is exactly what they achieved with their show “Utopia”.

It was an evening full of music, dance and fashion with every element of the show demonstrating FUZE’s core values – equality, inclusivity and diversity. The aim was to create a vision of a post-pandemic world where everyone is seen and free to express themselves.

Upon arrival at Lakota Gardens, guests walked through FUZE’s sustainable marketplace. There were 21 different stores and small businesses selling clothes, jewellery and snacks.

The best part is that there was no fast fashion in sight as the show was “promoting ecological alternatives to fashion consumerism”. It was a great addition to this year’s show and gave everyone a chance to discover new places to shop.

The fashion on display was incredible not to mention the insane creativity of the designers. FUZE used over 30 brands who all created a different aesthetic. The fashion in this years show was inspired by “camp and the avant-garde”. The ideas allowed FUZE to display fashion that would appeal to everyone.

They were able to display pieces that anyone could wear, from reworked streetwear to swimwear, while also having the space to explore more creative looks and take risks. The clothes were made all the more impressive by the beautiful models in the cast. The choice of casting allowed really allowed the audience to see themselves in FUZE.

We have to take a minute to talk about the incredible choreographers of the show because the dancers were unbelievable. There were commercial, contemporary and hip hop routines and I think everyone’s highlight was the “vogue” section. The talent of the dancers was clear for everyone to see and you could sense the excitement in the audience at seeing such an electric performance live and in person.

As if the fashion and dance wasn’t enough, they were accompanied by amazing singers and DJs who really tied the whole show together. I would like us all to take a moment to appreciate the saxophone player – the man of this and every hour. The music was perfect and really complimented what was on stage.

The show was raising money for Art Refuge and Black South West network. With both charities working to improve access to creative sectors you can see how much effort has been made to ensure that equality, inclusivity and diversity really are at the heart of the show.

The Bristol Tab spoke to FUZE’s managing director Pippa Adamthwaite-Cook to see how she felt about the shows opening night. “The first night was amazing. I’m absolutely beyond proud of the cast and their commitment.

“The whole show was a huge team effort and a huge success and I’m so sad it’s almost over. I can’t wait to see where FUZE goes, you may see us near you soon”.

The final verdict is that FUZE really outdid themselves. We can’t even begin to imagine the time and effort that went in to planning a show on this scale especially in the midst of a global pandemic. FUZE should be congratulated for creating a show that allowed everyone in the audience to see themselves in the cast and for making it clear that the arts and creative sectors are for everyone.

The Utopia and post-lockdown world that they created is a world I’m sure we all want to see and be a part of.

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