This summer’s must have shoe: Why Bristol Uni girls are wearing Crocs

‘My flatmate and I wore them out and we both pulled, I think the Crocs definitely had something to do with it’

A new trend is beginning to sweep the streets of Bristol and its not something we were expecting to see.


Yes, that’s right, The ugly, rubber, crocodile shaped shoes are back and is anyone shocked that the edgy, fashion forward Bristol girls are the ones responsible for it.

Crocs sales have actually increased by 64% in the last 3 months and many have coined them the new “it-shoe”.

I succumbed to the trend and bought my Crocs in January and they’re easily my favourite purchase of the year. They started as shoes to wear round the house to avoid ruining white socks on the dirty kitchen floors in student halls. Then they became part of my “run to Tesco for Lucozade to save me from my hangover” outfit. But now they are a firm and serious shoe choice.

I do get several strange looks from people when I arrive at a restaurant in rubber shoes but being a trendsetter comes with consequences and some people just won’t understand “the vision”. It’s called fashion huns, you should try it sometime.

The Bristol Tab spoke to the girls at the forefront of the trend to see what made them purchase their Crocs.

Eva, first year Classics

“I bought Crocs when I was having a breakdown but they actually ended up being my favourite pair of shoes. They’re becoming so popular and all my friends love them. I also love collecting jibbitz, I’ve got so many now I can’t fit anymore on.

“The only downside to Crocs is that they’re not built for rain so not a very good winter shoe. My flatmate and I wore them out and we both pulled, I think the Crocs definitely had something to do with it”.

Tilly, first year Sociology

“I asked for Crocs for Christmas and they’re seriously the gift that keeps on giving. They’re surprisingly comfortable and convenient to throw on wherever we go. I also feel very smug about being one of the first to join the trend. I think the best thing about it is that you can personalise them with the little charms”.

Millie, first year History

“I was the last of my friends to get Crocs and at first I didn’t even like them but now I wear them more than anyone. They’re my supermarket shoe of choice every week. They just go with every outfit I wear. I always stand out wearing bright yellow rubber shoes so I do get a lot of funny looks but everyone needs them”.

Kaiya, second year History

“I haven’t really seen that many people wear them but I think they will become very ‘Bristol’. I think they’re sick, they’re so comfy and easy to put on. I have an inside pair and an outside pair, my inside pair is yellow and then I have a white pair that I wear out. I don’t wear them out too often to be fair but I think it will become the trend of this summer”.

Evie, second year History

“In the beginning I just thought they were really funny but now I actually love them. They’re really comfy and practical. They come in loads of different colours and there are so many different jibbitz so they’re really easy to personalise. Also found out they’re really good for climbing trees, in sports mode obviously”.

Maria, second year Chemistry

“Think they are just good for walking around Bris? I’ve taken mine hiking and I’m convinced you could do your DofE in them”.

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