This map shows every confirmed case of coronavirus in the UK so far

There have been 105 confirmed UK cases of the virus


So far, 18,083 people have been tested for coronavirus in the UK.

Of these, there have been 105 positive cases of the virus, while 7,675 cases have been confirmed negative in the UK.

Worldwide, there have been cases of the coronavirus epidemic in over 80 countries, with over 3,300 deaths. There have been 80,700 cases in China, and over 18,000 cases outside China.

This map shows every confirmed case of coronavirus in the UK so far

The blue dots on the map show parts of the country where patients have been confirmed to have coronavirus. In February it was announced that the 14th and 15th cases of coronavirus had been diagnosed in the UK. The patients were reportedly treated in London and Liverpool.

Earlier that month, the number of coronavirus cases in the UK rose from nine to 13, after four people tested positive for the virus after being flown back to the UK. They had caught the virus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan. Of these four, two are being treated in Sheffield, one in Liverpool, and one in Newcastle.

The first two cases of coronavirus in the UK were diagnosed in York (one of which being a student at the University), and were being treated in Newcastle. The third case was diagnosed in Brighton, before being transferred to a London hospital.

This man caught the virus in Singapore and unknowingly passed coronavirus onto 11 other people, five of which later returned to the UK. Four of these were diagnosed with coronavirus in Brighton, before being transferred to be treated in London.

The ninth person to be diagnosed with coronavirus in the UK was in London. It was later reported that the woman had got an Uber to A&E, when she felt unwell after returning to the UK from China.

Quarantine for coronavirus

The green dots on the map show parts of the UK where people have been placed in quarantine. Over 30 people are currently in quarantine at a hospital in Wirrall, after having been on the same cruise ship in Japan as the four people with the UK’s latest cases of the virus.

83 people were in quarantine for 14 days at a hospital in Wirrall, but have now been allowed to leave. More than 100 people were in quarantine at a hotel in Milton Keynes, but were similarly able to leave after 14 days.

In February, it was reported that a Holiday Inn at Heathrow has been block-booked, in case it needs to be used as a quarantine facility when people with potential coronavirus arrive in the UK.

Negative tests for coronavirus

The red dots on the map show some of the parts of the country where people have been tested for coronavirus, but tested negative for the virus.

People have been tested for coronavirus in Southampton, Leeds, Sussex, York, Durham, Lancaster, Birmingham, London, and Cheshire. In Scotland, 17,968 have tested negative for the virus, with tests being carried out in labs in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Earlier this month, a Southampton school was evacuated and its students put on lockdown after a family travelling back to the UK from affected regions began to develop coronavirus-like symptoms.

Exchange students at Universities such as Sheffield and Birmingham have been called back from China.

Aberdeen, Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam, Chester and Lincoln Universities have recommended that students returning from affected areas enter a precautionary period of quarantine.

All figures were correct at the time of publishing.

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