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Two cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in Newcastle

They are being treated in the RVI

Two cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in the UK, and the patients are currently being treated in Newcastle.

The two patients with the virus are believed to be members of the same family.

There are reports that they are being treated for Coronavirus in the Royal Victoria Infirmary, and are being kept under strict quarantine.

BBC Newcastle tweeted to confirm the cases.

The World Health Organisation declared declared a global emergency in relation to the crisis last night.

The chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, has said they are working hard to prevent further spread of the illness. He said: "The patients are receiving specialist NHS care, and we are using tried and tested infection control procedures to prevent further spread of the virus.

"The NHS is extremely well-prepared and used to managing infections, and we are already working rapidly to identify any contacts the patients had, to prevent further spread."

So far, 213 people in China have died from the virus and there have been over 10000 cases confirmed across the globe.

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