Coronavirus: Sheffield Hallam Uni tells China returnees to enter quarantine

For 14 days

Sheffield Hallam University has told any of its students that have recently returned from China to enter quarantine over coronavirus.

The institution has also advised against travel to China or Hong Kong.

In guidance published on the SHU website, students are told to isolate themselves for 14 days and call NHS 111 if they notice symptoms of the deadly flu-like virus.

Based on advice from Public Health England (PHE), it tells those who have returned from Wuhan, where the virus began, in the last fortnight to “please stay indoors and avoid contact with other people”.

It advises affected students to apply for deadline extensions, and explains how to end housing contracts if the illness leads to them taking a leave of absence.

An outbreak in China has claimed 362 lives, as cases hit 17,205. At least 25 other countries are also affected, with one of two diagnosed patients in Britain confirmed as a York University student.

The University of Sheffield also told its students last week to stay in their accommodation if they notice symptoms.

Sheffield is home to around 8,000 Chinese students, with some returning to China last week for Lunar New Year. The Foreign Office warns against “all but essential travel” to the mainland.