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York company waiting to decontaminate hotel room where coronavirus patients stayed

The company are waiting for the all-clear from Public Health England

York company, Bio Decon Group, is waiting for permission from Public Health England to begin work cleaning the hotel room where the two confirmed coronavirus patients had been staying.

The hotel, StayCity which is located next to York Barbican, has confirmed that the room the patients were staying in remains cordoned off however have not yet confirmed the beginning date of decontamination.

Managing director of Bio Decon Group, Andy McMillan, told The York Press his company is the only one in the UK that can tackle the job adding that the company is "the only company with the TOMI Steramist licence in the UK that can eradicate this virus."

TOMI Steramist Environmental Solutions are being used in Asia to help disinfect contaminated areas.

The company are waiting for Public Health England to release the room and corridor back to StayCity York before they begin the decontamination process.

McMillan added that: "it's important that we act quickly and help York as a city" and that Bio Decon are on "high alert and in constant contact with Pubic Health England in case any more cases occur."

Bio Decon describe themselves as "experts in creating interventions for cleaning, sterilising, disinfecting and decontaminating hazardous environments."

The methods that they use are "cutting-edge" and the personnel are "trained to the highest level in the use of some of the most dangerous cleaning agents."

At the moment there has not been confirmation of any further cases of the coronavirus in York.

Councillor Keith Aspden told the York Press: "The Department for Health and Social Care has confirmed that there have not been any further confirmed cases of the coronavirus over the weekend and the risk from coronavirus to individuals living, working and visiting York remains low."

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