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Soton school closed and evacuated amid coronavirus fears

Students experienced symptoms after travelling to affected areas

Students at a Southampton school have been evacuated and put into isolation over fears of coronavirus.

St Mary's Independent School is currently on lockdown after the family of some students had experienced symptoms similar to coronavirus, The Daily Echo reports.

The family had recently travelled to the most-affected regions, and are in isolation after seeing doctors at Southampton General Hospital.

While the school is closed it will be deep-cleaned to remove any traces there may be of the virus.

This comes after paramedics were called to Mayflower Halls last week, when a student feeling "unwell" returning from China was quarantined immediately after they transferred from the airport. The student later tested negative for coronavirus.

A statement sent to parents from the St Mary's Independent School's headteacher says: "I am sorry to inform you that a family with children at the prep and senior departments who have recently travelled to the region affected by coronavirus have developed symptoms similar to those presenting with the coronavirus, and having been checked by medical professionals at Southampton General Hospital have been placed in isolation [outside the hospital].

"As a school, our first priority is to keep our children and community safe.

"We have taken advice on this situation from Public Health England and the Natural Health Service.

"We have been advised that we need to take all steps reasonably practicable to prevent the spread of this virus.

"We have therefore taken the decision to close the school immediately in order to undertake a thorough deep clean, and to allow any potential traces of the virus to be removed.

"We will close today, tomorrow, and Wednesday."

Southampton University has created a webpage for more information on the coronavirus.

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