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Lancs student taken from halls by men in hazmat suits due to coronavirus fears

‘People are shook’

A Lancaster student was removed from Caton Court halls by paramedics in hazmat suits due to coronavirus fears last night.

Lancaster University have refused to comment on individuals within the university.

In screenshots sent to The Lancaster Tab one student said: "Nah bro we are all going to die. Someone in Aparto has the virus".

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The student told The Lancaster Tab that his friend had contacted him about the concerns: "He told me that 'there are people there that are telling students not to spread the news'. Apparently people are shook there".

In another message one student states: "Downstairs they took someone with full hazmat suit".

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One resident of Caton Court told The Lancaster Tab: "People arrived in hazmat suits, apparently as a precaution. Reception cannot break confidentiality, but the medics were seen talking to them after their arrival. The ambulance is still here, but they told us why they're here is confidential. Reception has assured us it's nothing to worry about."

When a receptionist was asked if the student suspected of coronavirus was okay, they confirmed this and said there was "nothing to worry about".

Lancaster University told The Lancaster Tab: "We continue to closely monitor Public Health England advice and follow their guidance. We will not be providing any details on individuals

"The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has confirmed that there are currently no confirmed cases of Wuhan novel coronavirus in the UK."

You can find PHE updates here.

Lancaster University also posts the latest advice for concerns about coronavirus.