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Leeds student rushed to hospital over coronavirus fears

Medics visited Vita Student St Albans accommodation

A Leeds student was taken to hospital to be tested for coronavirus.

An image was posted on Twitter of medics in hazard suits standing outside of Vita Student St Albans residence on Cross Belgrave St.

Students living in the block say a student was taken yesterday (February 10th) for coronavirus testing, however the results came back as negative.

Sirui Xu, who knows the student, said: "I heard she is negative and doesn't have any coronavirus. She is in our student group and she [spoke] with us and she said she has not got it."

Laura Ma, who also lives in the building said: "We spoke as a group and found out that she was okay. She is in the hotel now.

"Of course it was scary. We were thinking whether we would be infected."

Vita Student told The Tab Leeds: "We will continue to support all our students with any concerns surrounding coronavirus. We remain in close contact with the health authorities and at this stage have no information to suggest that one of our St Albans residents has been affected by the virus."

The scare adds to the growing number of suspected cases of coronavirus in UK universities.

Students living in Sussex, Bath, and Brighton have been tested in the last few days.

Public Health England have declared the virus a serious and imminent threat.

Despite this, just eight people out of 1,114 have tested positive for coronavirus in the UK and universities are remaining calm.

Advice for students can be found on the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University websites.