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Mayflower student tested negative for coronavirus, University confirms

Hospital tests confirm the student does not have coronavirus

The university have confirmed today that the student residing at Mayflower Halls has tested negative for the coronavirus, after they returned from China on February 3rd feeling unwell.

In an email to The Soton Tab, a spokesperson for the University said: "we are pleased to confirm that the student has tested negative for the coronavirus."

Paramedics were called to Mayflower Halls after a student returning from China was quarantined immediately after they transferred from the airport.

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An email from Student Life was sent to Mayflower residents explaining the student had reported feeling "unwell", as a result they were admitted to Southampton General Hospital for tests.

The student was discharged from hospital, but remained in self-isolation until further clarification was given.

The student's flatmates also agreed to self-isolate until local health services had given the all clear.

The university said in a statement that these "precautionary measures" were put in place according to Public Health England's guidelines.

The university has created a webpage for more information on the coronavirus.

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