Meg Davies
Meg Davies
Exeter Editor of The Tab

An Exeter Uni rugby player was on Take Me Out this weekend

Single man, reveal yourself…

Joyful, Joyful! The Vic has reopened!

Christmas has come early to EX4

Students are collecting sanitary products on campus for Exeter’s homeless

Provide A Pad volunteers are raising awareness this week

Timepiece has been voted the third best smoking area in the country

The people have spoken

Friends raise money for Exeter fourth year after life-changing accident

From Devon to Saudi Arabia, people are rallying around Exeter’s much loved Gerard Murphy

The Coca Cola Truck is coming to Exeter

The holidays are coming, folks

Exeter ranked in the top 20 best universities in the UK

Yet another stellar ranking

Private: Exeter remains a top 10 university

We beat Bristol again but really, who is shocked?

Just a list of really amazing and inspirational women at Exeter

Happy International Women’s Day, babes, we love you all

We asked Exeter, is International Women’s day still relevant in 2017?

‘It should be high on our agenda, regardless of our gender’

Two students sexually assaulted by ‘male dressed as a food delivery driver’ in Exeter

The first attack was in December 2016 and the second in the first week of February

A swastika was carved into a door in Birks Grange Village on Exeter campus

There were also white supremacist slogans scrawled in Llewellyn Mews

Forum hill will be a ski slope tomorrow

48 tonnes of snow is being brought in

Last night’s stabbing in Exeter: How the events unfolded

A ‘very dangerous man’ was apprehended by Devon police just before midnight

Stabbing update: incident labelled as “domestic”

“public not at risk”

Third year Physics paper contained ‘illegible misprints and formatting errors’

It was reprinted and they were given a mere extra 15 minutes

Tracee Ellis Ross just became the first black woman in over 30 years to win a Golden Globe

‘Tracee Ellis Ross winning at 44, just a reminder to never give up, no matter how hard it gets’

We’re looking for Exeter’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

Nominate today

Man sentenced with GBH after fracturing Exeter student’s skull

It happened outside Unit 1 this summer

It’s time we stopped teaching women to feel guilty about showing off

‘Sorry, some self-promo here but…’

Why do we still teach women to be scared and helpless?

We need to stop teaching girls to be afraid of the world