Minchin’s Lost His Caius

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Britain's favourite musical comedian has pulled out of Caius May Ball.

Caius May Ball committee were struck a major blow this morning after it was revealed that comedian Tim Minchin pulled out of their line-up.

The Australian star, who is famous his style of musical comedy, expressed his disappointment and issued an apology on his blog.

He told fans “this was going to be a hoot…the band and I were pumped to be asked and really looking forward to it…Sorrrrrrrry Cambridgians. Hope you have a ball.”

Minchin, 36, who has been hugely successful since his breakthrough show in 2005, revealed on his website that he had landed “an acting role in a TV show” and would therefore be in LA all summer.


Caius missing out: Minchin in action

Caius May Ball Ents officer Ed Tan told The Tab it was “Disappointing, but this is obviously something pretty big for him. There are expectations now, because Tim Minchin is pretty damn big.

“We’ll be plugging the gap, hopefully with someone just as popular. At this point we’ve got to just try and make it a good night, people are paying £140 for it and we’re going to make it worth coming.”

But with such a celebrated act pulling out, it remains to be seen how the committee will manage to sub him at such short notice.

It’s not all doom and gloom for Caius though, as Minchin did offer some consolation, telling the ball-goers “it’s going to be a ridiculously fun night without me, and the rest of the line-up is deadly”, and adding “next year maybe”.

With Minchin out of Caius May Ball, who’s going to replace him?

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  • Aww :(

    'If I didn't have you, someone else would do' – not true here…

  • Caius May Ball Guest

    Kudos to the Ents team for getting Tim Minchin in the first place – sounds promising for the Ball regardless!

    • CAIUS

      whoever you are, you are wonderful.

  • Sorry but

    Library whispers is where the news is at now (someone posted this there this morning).

    • Believer

      According to Library Whispers Cher is the headline act, so it's fine!

  • who cares

    he's lame and not funny anyway

    • CAIUS

      you are an idiot

  • John's

    he's got a bit-part in our new TV show

    • CAIUS

      you are a cunt

  • MoneyBack.Now

    “next year maybe”
    one does not simply have a may ball every year

  • D':

    I'd heard that the main act had pulled out, but I figured they probably wouldn't have been that funny anyway. How wrong I was. Heartbroken.

  • Sorry


    • CAIUS

      you are an ignoramus

      • CAIUS

        i am you

  • wow

    On a website that hardly excels itself in headlines, this has got to be one of the worst…

    • Contribute

      more you big fat moaning piece of poo.

  • Caius BNOC

    apparently a Caius second year with loads of anecdotes about his ridiculous life has been roped in to fill the void

    • Kort Egan

      I can confirm the above.

  • i smell a rat

    did they really ever have him? he has a live gig at kings palace london only a week later and lots of other shows in the uk throughout summer which haven't been cancelled http://www.ents24.com/web/artist/82945/Tim_Minchi

  • Doge

    Really? Your conclusion is “Don’t be so lame”? Wow.

  • Anonymous

    A) last time I check universities were places of learning,
    not sex in toilets and drugs – but have fun with that

    B) 2 full days of strikes and 3 2-hour strikes is more that “three or
    four hours” – and there may well be more

    C) the history department has categorically said they will not alter the exams,
    so the topics could well be assessed.

  • Ryan – you are a twat

    I assume this is just an attention-seeking ploy, otherwise I feel sorry for the quality of your essays.

  • Stacey

    What an idiot. We had an e-mail telling us that we WOULD be examined on the material NOT COVERED by the strikes explicitly. Surely the first thing you do when writing an article (if you can call this an article) is gather evidence for your argument? What a joke!!!

  • Richard Mayne

    “They aren’t going to skip over or miss out important material, and then examine you on that material. Why? You’ll probably do worse.”

    This is just incorrect. Second year history students (such as myself) received an email the other week telling us that topics that would we’ve missed from lectures for our European World module still might come up in the exam in June.

    I get your point that we’re not missing literally months of work, but when you only have 9 contact hours a week and strikes make you miss 2 or 3 of those every other week, it’s incredibly annoying. Is it really so ‘lame’ to want to get the most out of our education as we can for a) the sake of our degree and b) the pure enjoyment of our studies? If you think either of those reasons are ‘lame’, one wonders why you chose to study at university in the first place.

  • Irrelevant reader

    What annoys me most about this article is the way the author stands.

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