A TV guide for all your Cambridge moods

Degrees come and go but TV is forever

Sidney Grad takes on the Great British Bake Off

Andrew Smyth, an Engineer from Cambridge, is set to take part in this year’s Great British Bake Off.

Union kicks out Miss Hong Kong after she gatecrashes Spring Ball

They thought she was an imposter, but she was the real deal

Could you be the face of The Tab?

We’re looking for a new presenter for Tab TV

Jerry Springer has the most random job

How was your day at work Jerry? “It was alright. I spoke to a man who married a horse.”

German TV stardom for Cambridge History Professor

A Cambridge Historian has become an unexpected German TV hit after his new history series attracted millions of viewers in the country.

Five Seconds of Fame PART II: When Cambridge students hit the small time

TIM O’BRIEN is back with more of your really quite rubbish claims to fame.

Holly Lunt – Nigel Farage is an obese slug

This week, HOLLY LUNT talks politics, Dale Winton and her vision for a new anti-UKIP advert…

Tim Squirrell – Isolation

As exam season truly begins, TIM SQUIRRELL wants to broach the topic of isolation in Cambridge.

Five Seconds of Fame: When Cambridge students hit the small-time

TIM O’BRIEN uncovers the stories behind Cambridge students’ most dubious on-screen appearances.

Diary of a Reluctant Virgin: Week 3

This week ELLIE SLEE takes a break from her search for love in the Bubble to go on a ‘relaxing’ weekend away with friends…

The Punt Sessions: Sophie Grant

Sophie Grant performs the beautiful ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ as The Punt Sessions returns to TabTV.

TabTV Visits: Make This Space

TabTV and HUNTER ALLEN pay a visit to Make This Space, Cambridge’s newest interactive art exhibition.

Drunk Interviews

Lola Lo Down in reverse? A drunk Hunter Allen hits Sidgwick.

Want To Present The Lola Lo Down?

Think you have what it takes to present the Lola Lo Down? Send a sample video to [email protected].

Chill TV

Can’t sleep for all that Pussy energy coursing through your veins? Take some time to unwind with these TV classics…

Minchin’s Lost His Caius

Britain’s favourite musical comedian has pulled out of Caius May Ball.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry

POPPY DAMON interviews Jerry Springer and finds more than just stories of bestiality lies behind his pretty face…

Win A Bloody Huge TV

We’ve acquired a giant and expensive television. Here is how to win it.

Our Big Fat Snobbery Fest

ALLEGRA LE FANU on how “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” legitimises Britain’s class divide.