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Review: One Man Romance

Whip-smart and disarmingly honest.

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Amayonnaise review

Daring, charismatic, and blooming hilarious

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Fringe Review: Speechless

A sketch show to shout about

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The Tab Talks to the Guilty Feminist

Deborah Frances – White, host of The Guilty Feminist podcast, discusses free speech, comedy, and dismantling the patriarchy

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REVIEW: Welcome to Little Heswing

A democratic experience that will live you crying with laughter rather than dread

REVIEW: The Man Presents – More Women

Sticking it to the Man: razor-sharp feminist comedy

Review: ‘Detention: A Sketch Show’

Excellent comedy let down by a silly premise

Cambridge Clubbing: The least fun you’ll ever have

Why am I crying in the club right now?

REVIEW: Hot Gay Time Machine

Synonym-searchingly wonderful/magnificent/superb

Former Cambridge undergrad Ken Cheng takes on Trump with hilarious thread attacking flags

Flagging up problems with… flags

REVIEW: Pearly Gates

It’s time to be judged…

REVIEW: Footlights Lady Smoker

A laugh filled ensemble of self-deprecating gaffes

REVIEW: Stalin’s Russia: A Teenage Romcom

A comedy that parodies itself, featuring everything from Stalin to Green Day, and is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Review: Why is John Lennon wearing a skirt?

An open manual about what ’gender’ and ’social construction’

REVIEW: Chameleon

Shows like this are why Cambridge theatre is so great

REVIEW: The Government Inspector

A play of mistaken identities

REVIEW: Pity Laughs

Shockingly intimate, brilliantly crafted, whole heartedly funny

REVIEW: Comedy Weakly

Rory Sachs thought Comedy Weakly’s fast-paced hour of one liners and surreal stereotypes will fit in with the Late-Show crowd.


Thespian joy for Week 5 gloom

REVIEW: Diphthong

Miles Kekwick is impressed with a ‘premier league’ show