Andrea Kocsis

Review: Machinal

An old story about our own time.

REVIEW: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Do you prefer your meatpie bloody?

Review: Oh, what a lovely war!

“Would the lady in the second row please kindly remove that dachshund?”

REVIEW: Wolfson May Ball

Nice start, Wolfson

REVIEW: Neural Notwerks 2: harder beta faster stronger

“Two horses instantly die in head-on collision for drunk-driving advert”

REVIEW: CU Chinese Orchestra Concert

A roller-coaster of an evening

REVIEW: I.M.P.R.O.V: The Improvised ’90s Sitcom

“Are you the melon who impregnated Jeffrey?”


“Please, don’t vote for me”


A play is not a supervision essay

Review: Much Improv About Nothing

Shall I kill Thee, my good lord?

REVIEW: A Very Brexit Musical

Can Brexit stand between the lovers?

REVIEW: And Then There Were None

Fear and Loathing in Queen’s Fitzpatrick

Review: Why is John Lennon wearing a skirt?

An open manual about what ’gender’ and ’social construction’

Review: Bad Jews

Josh Harmon’s Bad Jews is like forcing the whole Lord of the Rings into a tiny suffocating room.

REVIEW: How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

We don’t need a play which demeans a woman’s place in the world of work.

REVIEW: The Zero Hour Musical

I have never seen such a standing ovation in a theatre in Cambridge before.

REVIEW: Professional

A night well spent locked in the staff room at the Corpus Playroom.


This play takes on a tall order: fleshing out the landscape of the fens.

REVIEW: Dirty Hands: A Brexistential Crisis

2016, Brexit, Trump: hot topics and catchy themes?

Review: How to lie and get away with it

Show business, baby.