Beth Kelly

Trinity Hall’s Master allowed Senior Tutor to investigate a sexual assault claim whilst he himself was being investigated

The Senior Tutor was in charge of investigating a case against a Trinity Hall student

Number of Cambridge students going to counselling for anxiety has doubled in six years

The University Counselling Service has also seen a drastic increase in self-esteem issues

Peter Biar Ajak, detained Cambridge student, pardoned

Peter Biar Ajak has been detained since July 2018.

RAG LOST 2019: Liveblog

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Review: Jazz Emu

A Fringe tour de force from a Cambridge favourite

Review: Magpies Love Mirrors

Cambridge comedy breaks a new frontier in style

King’s Joins Slavery Inquiry

It comes after calls for individual colleges to play their part


Exams aren’t a thing in the world of culture!

Review: Market Magic

Mayhem in the aisles

Eat your stress: A fancy mess

Look, if you can think of a better name I’ll change it

Whitworth House may be given a reprieve

Their funding could be extended

WHAT’S ON: Week Three

We know we’re three weeks late ok

Review: Two Man Show

Incendiary, joyous feminist thinking.

Eat Your Stress: an introduction

Alternatively, We Need To Talk About Food.

Cambridge tops Complete University Guide… again.

Officially the best in the UK.

Review: Yerma

A tale of two plays


Nearly there!

Review: A Festival of New Writing

A chance to see the theatre of the future in action.


The sun has gone but the light of culture still shines?


We’ve been away too long…

Review: comic sans men

Madcap, improvised brilliance.

Review: Angels in America: Part One

Edging on heavenly

Selwyn sells fossil fuel shares

It comes as part of the divestment policy

Yes, you are weird for wanting to see pictures of young Ted Bundy

All of your internet privileges are taken away forever, you’ve ruined it

Cambridge student faces death penalty in South Sudan

Peter Biar-Ajak has been detained since July 2018

Bateman challenges Rees-Mogg to a naked debate

The hero this country needs

The Tab Masterclass: Producing

We chat to Gaia Lambert about the most mysterious role in theatre.

Pink Week Ball 2019: A Review

I promise this isn’t all about free food


So much stuff is happening!

King’s vote to replace Soviet flag with Wall of Flags

Yet more flag-based news content!

Review: Orlando

Unpolished but a delight nonetheless.


Film, theatre…and Beans on Toast?

Review: One Man Romance

Whip-smart and disarmingly honest.

Behind the Breast Cancer Art Exhibition

The Tab talks to the exhibition’s curator


Your one-stop guide to this week’s events.

Oxbridge rejects Adonis ‘access’ colleges

Little support for the former education minister’s scheme

How do you solve a problem like admissions?

Perhaps it is not Oxbridge which has an admissions problem, but the system which has an Oxbridge problem.

Review: Belleville

4.5 Stunning performances are too close for comfort

In defence of Vinyl

Sometimes you just have to suffer

10 things you can actually make in your gyp

It is possible to eat properly!

What type of big coat energy are you?

A fluffy coat is not a substitute for a personality xx

How to club like a decent person

No fun without rules!

So Where Are You From?

The weird homesickness of not being Southern at Cambridge