MAY BALL REVIEW: Trinity v John’s

Spoiler alert: Trinity was better*

John’s May Ball 2014

JOSH SIMONS is delighted by this marvellous mousse of a May Ball.

Churchill Spring Ball

TOMMY SHANE finds love in a hopeful place at this year’s Churchill Spring Ball.

Fitzwilliam Ball

Tom Rasmussen claimed ‘it was like having a fucking prolapse’; TOMMY SHANE begs to differ.

The Great Stash Debate

TOMMY SHANE and SEBASTIAN SALEK talk stash – hot or not?

Minchin’s Lost His Caius

Britain’s favourite musical comedian has pulled out of Caius May Ball.

Churchill Spring Ball

SASKIA GOLDMAN takes a cheeky bite of Churchill’s big apple. See how it tastes…

Debate: Is Burlesque At Clare A Step Back For Women?

Burslesque is coming to Clare Ents. Is it a step back for women at Cambridge, or just a bit of fun?

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss For John’s Headliner Critics

People who are complaining about Big Boi as John’s May Ball headliners: do you enjoy being ignorant?

Flaming Republicans

Rogue students burnt a flag during a screening of the Royal wedding at King’s on Friday.

Queens’ And Clare Ents In Trouble

Traditionally two of Cambridge’s biggest ents, Queens’ and Clare Ents face a serious rethink after suffering for terrible attendance this term.

Jesus May Ball

PHOEBE LUCKHURST: “A very reasonable ticket price, and fun abounding from every court, cloister, tree and marquee, Jesus May Ball was a fantastic evening.”

Queens’ Dean Backs Down

Queens’ College Dean has bowed to student pressure and reversed his ban on Halfway Hall.

Royal Rumble

All non-academic related activities in Queens’ College have been indefinitely suspended following vandalism to college property last term.