Eurovision makes a triumphant return to the Piazza

There was even a Moldovan mob…

For the first time since the pandemic, the Eurovision Song Contest was screened on the Piazza for students to gather and watch on the steps. And boy, did we gather.

What seemed like over a thousand Warwick students, decorated with flags and carrying heaving bags of over-priced Rootes booze, gathered under the aptly-named Big Screen for the screening of this annual competition.

Watching Europeans embarrass themselves on the world stage singing out of tune pop songs with questionable choreography is a time-honoured Warwick tradition, something many pre-pandemic Freshers were looking forward to before that pesky Covid came and spoiled our summer. If you were one of those LOSERS who decided you were too cool for Eurovision (erm how can you be cooler than banana-wielding yellow Norwegian wolves?), then good news – you missed a really epic night.

The Warwick Tab took to Insta to conduct some polls on our stories (now’s the time to go follow @thewarwicktab if you haven’t done so already: we’ve got the best uni content out there). When asked who students were supporting, we received a whole range of answers. Most people said Spain (just admit that you’re horny?), France (waaaaay too many Frenchies at this uni) and the UK (Jesus lookalike Sam Ryder did us proud).

The show began at 8pm, and one by one, we diligently watched 25 acts represent their country in Turin, Italy to varying degrees of success. Spain, as always, put on a particularly erotic show, Norway confused us all (like I said, they were banana-wielding yellow wolves) and the Moldovan entry triggered a mass mob of raving students. I can confirm I joined said mob. Late into the night, it was clear that Moldova was definitely Warwick’s winner.

As our bums became number by the second, the final act performed (cannot remember this performance in the slightest, soz Estonia) and whilst voting commenced, we were treated to performances from last year’s winner Måneskin and this year’s presenter slash musical ICON Mika. There were of course more dance mobs, but who can blame us – Mike sang Grace Kelly.

At the end of the night, every student was on their feet, watching with baited breath as the UK was actually awarded points? Despite the jury votes placing us in first place, no one was surprised to see Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra take the victory, after receiving a huge 439 points from the public.

The return of this iconic event to the Piazza was the return to normality everyone needed, and I can safely confirm, although it did create an incredible feeling of unity, the French are still intensely annoying. Until next year Eurovision 👋

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