Zahra Asif

Warwick ranked sixth best university in the UK by the Guardian

The uni has risen two places from last year

Warwick offers 1200-person conference spaces whilst capping lectures at 50

This means the majority of lectures for students will be held online

Warwick received over £500k in funding from fossil fuel sector

This is despite pledging to divest form fossil fuels in 2015

Dear boys: This is how not to be a dick now that clubs have re-opened

Yours sincerely, women everywhere

Debunked: Does Zara have secret symbols to tell you how their clothes will fit?

People on TikTok are saying different shapes mean different fits

We rated all the pathetic attempts at cooking made by Love Islanders over the years

Gordon Ramsey, cover your eyes

Only true fans of The Bold Type can get 11/14 in this trivia quiz

Only true Scarlet readers, please

Dear Aaron: Stop being intimidated by proud, career-driven women

Your toxic masculinity is showing

A considered ranking of every Love Island series from worst to best

If you disagree, we can’t be friends

14 things to do as a Warwick student now your exams are over

And no, crying in bed over failed assignments is not one of them.

Warwick ranks in the top 10 universities in the UK for 18 subjects

Highlights include ranking 2nd for both German and Creative Writing

Student having allergic reaction in occupation claims security told them they can’t return if they leave

‘They did not seem particularly concerned that my throat was literally closing up and it would become harder for me to breath’

Warwick to invest £275,000 in new esports centre

The uni is the UK Esports University of the Year for the third successive year

Warwick Senate House now stocking free personal attack alarms

Their provision is part of a wider campaign tackling student safety

Warwick Uni calls on protestors to call off their occupation of the piazza

Campaigners are refusing to call off the protest, calling the uni’s statement ‘cowardly’

Warwick Business School scraps ‘discriminatory and ableist’ exam surveillance software

The ‘software was built with accessibility in mind from day one’, Proctorio says

Warwick Uni has won University Challenge 2021: Here are all the best tweets from the final

#Rout for PM

UPDATE: ProtectWarwickWomen in talks to escalate protests following meetings with the uni

The group say that talks with the uni ‘completely broke down’

Someone’s created a Warwick Uni inspired streetwear brand and we’re living for it

From the Smack wall to Lib floor 5, they’ve got it all

BREAKING: Warwick will be providing a rent waiver for on campus accommodation

The University has issued a new statement today

It’s time for Warwick to step up

Warwick’s Rape Group chat scandal happened two years ago, why haven’t things changed?

Movember round-up: Warwick smashes last year’s total, raising over £44,000

Team Warwick beat last year’s total in only 16 days!

The definitive A to Z guide to the most iconic parts of your Warwick experience

Freshers, you can thank us later

There’s a war going on inside Warwick SU over the sit down POP! being ‘irresponsible’

The SU hosted an in-person POP! but proposed a motion to support UCU’s strike against in-person teaching

I went to the one-hit wonder, Covid-friendly POP! and this is what you missed

Much like one of Dave’s cheesy 90s boy bands, POP! made a epic comeback… only to disappear again straight after