Introducing Warwick University’s very own Taylor Swift Society

Or should I say, socie-tay 😉

What happens when loads of Swifties all go to Warwick and decide to share mutual love for their musical icon? You get Warwick’s very own Taylor Swift society, of course.

That’s right, you can now join a society dedicated to the woman who made owning cats cool, reclaimed the snake emoji 🐍 and makes us all flock to Tesco to stock up on tissues every time she releases a new song.

I took it upon myself to meet with the exec of this new SwiftSoc, to find out more about what it’s like to be head-over-heels obsessed with Taylor, and what on earth a Taylor Swift society involves (it’s not a cult, right?).

Explaining what first-time Swift Soc attendees could expect when attending their first event, the society’s Newsletter Editor Devina said: “You can expect to have a lot of fun, as well as a lot of screaming and shouting to Taylor Swift with plenty of other Swifties.”

In terms of socials, you can expect anything from a folklore themed nature walk to a trip to the cat café in Coventry. Other events have included a Dress-like-an-album dinner, a ‘Reputation’ themed bar crawl and even an open mic. They might even be expecting a mini Taylor Swift Club Night in the Copper Rooms too – yes, yes, you do need to calm down.

Sabah, the social sec, told us: “Socials are held almost every week, and there is something for absolutely everyone. There’ll never be a time you’ll feel left out because we aim to make events inclusive of every interest, hobby and passion. We take every suggestion from members as well because we try very hard to make the events as creative as possible.”

The society also publishes themed newsletters- both a “Lover” and a “Fearless” themed one are already out- where the Editor Devina compiles creative pieces from members of the society (and SwiftSocs across the world) about anything Taylor related.

Whether you’re a hardcore Swiftie or just someone who occasionally listens to her music, you’re obviously welcome to join. Leah, the Welfare and Inclusivity officer, said: “You don’t have to be the ultimate TS fan to join the society- we welcome anyone and everyone… well, except Jake Gyllenhaal 😉”

Managing the society is a hefty task, and we quizzed the exec on how they manage both their uni work and running such an active society. Tash, the IT officer, said: “If I have a deadline heavy week, then I can leave SwiftSoc stuff to a minimum and get back on to it another time”.

Andrew added: “Everyone’s always been very understanding if I have had to step back for a time to focus on work, especially as there’s often another member of the exec team able to pick up something else.”

Finally, we of course had to ask the exec their favourite Taylor albums- though ‘reputation’ is the only correct answer in my humble opinion. Tash said ‘Speak Now’, Devina said ‘Red’ (Taylor’s Version, of course) and Euan went for ‘folklore’.

In terms of favourite songs, ‘Getaway Car’ sealed the deal for Katherine, it was ‘Everything Has Changed’ or ‘Teardrops on my guitar’ (tough choice) for Leah, ‘Gold Rush’ for Sabah and ‘Clean’ for Andrew.

So there you go. If you do choose to show up to a SwiftSoc event, you’re guaranteed to have a marvellous time. You might even find the Swiftie bestie you were destined to cry to All Too Well with.

…Are you ready for it?

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