Want to join The Warwick Tab’s editorial team? Applications are open NOW

Applications close March 28th

The Warwick Tab is read by thousands of Warwick students every month, and we are now looking for dedicated students to join our 2022/23 editorial team.

We are looking to fill the positions of Editor-in-Chief, News Editor, Features Editor and Social Media Editor. Applications from any Warwick students are welcome, regardless of your academic discipline.

The positions available are editorial, so journalistic experience will help your application. However, you will have training from experienced editors to help you get started as you take on your new role.


As Editor-in-Chief, you’ll be responsible for overseeing all the articles The Warwick Tab publishes, and leading our team on all the latest news and stories from on and around campus- whether this is breaking news, updates from the uni or student-focused features.

Working with the section editors, you’ll make sure everyone on the team is working on something whilst keeping on top of all the latest news. You’ll have the opportunity to write news and features pieces every week, alongside editing articles for the team and commissioning pieces to get your team feeling inspired.

The role is really rewarding and a great opportunity to get involved in leading the team!

News Editor

As News Editor, your responsibility will be to find out all of the latest scoops at Warwick. This year, news pieces have ranged from  two people being arrested after a student was stabbed at Sherbourne, to responses to the spiking epidemic.

It is your responsibility to know a good story when you see one, and have an ear out for the latest news, controversies and events.

It’s essential to keep up to date on Warwick’s news, from protests on campus to major Uni announcements. You’ll also write every week and support our Editor-in-Chief.

Features Editor

Features Editors are in charge of writing and editing Warwick’s iconic features. You’ll have the chance to work on pieces covering current opinions, fun guides and witty commentaries on campus life, whilst overseeing quizzes, opinion pieces and the other fun stories we write.

As Features Editor, you’ll have to have a keen interested in everything relevant to Warwick Students- from sharing student icks to comparing Warwick accoms to TV characters. You’ll also write every week and support our Editor-in-Chief.

Social Media Editor

As Social Media Editor, your job will be to manage The Warwick Tab’s social media presence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

If you’ve got a talent for graphic design, meme-making or simply love scrolling through socials all day, this one is definitely for you. You’ll be responsible for advertising our articles when published, posting content for our stories, sharing memes, growing our audience and keeping our followers engaged.

You’ll also support the editorial team in keeping an eye out over socials for Warwick content and watching for the latest news and gossip, as well as writing pieces.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

If you’re interested in any of our roles and would like to apply, fill out an application on our google form HERE!

The application deadline is March 28th. Good luck, and (as Ru Paul says) don’t f*ck it up.

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