If Warwick accommodations were characters from Sex Education, this is who they’d be

Let’s be honest, no one wants Otis


Now that we’ve all pretty much finished binge-watching the third series of Sex Education, I think we can all agree these characters just keep getting better and better. Maeve, Adam and Aimee have my entire heart, and Jean Milburn remains everyone’s favourite therapist/mum/crush.

To cure those post-binge blues, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to expertly allocate each Warwick accommodation to their matching Sex Ed character. I’ve basically earnt myself a psych degree analysing these characters so hard. But I warn you now, yes, I will be slightly biased, and no, I’m not sorry.

Arthur Vick – Jackson Marchetti

Jackson and Viv- an unlikely but iconic duo. Photo credits: Netflix

Ok, so without being at all biased, everyone knows AV is the best Warwick accom out there. Students literally “oooh” whenever you tell them you’re from Arthur Vick.

And just like AV, Jackson is an all-round popular guy. As Head Boy, everyone loves him, but AV isn’t always as social as the other accoms – and neither is Jackson. He’s not really a hardcore party animal or part of the Untouchables, he’s just a cool, unproblematic character who’s popular and loved by many. Can you tell I lived in AV?

Jack Martin – Vivienne Odusanya (Viv)

Jack Martin kids please don’t hate me, but JM and Viv give off the same vibes. Viv is a wannabe Jackson – she desperately wants to be Head Girl – and we all know Jack Martin is a try-hard, less cool version of Arthur Vick. Despite being close friends, Viv and Jackson always seem to be at odds with each other, and even though they’re very similar accoms, JM does live under AV’s shadow a tiny bit.

Bluebell – Anwar Bakshi

The Untouchables. They’re everything I want to be ngl. Photo credits: Netflix

Anwar, one of Moordale’s Untouchables, epitomises Bluebell. He’s extremely boujee, always well dressed in bright colours (rather like those LEDs that light up the Bluebell corridors) and has definitely got a big bank account. I once heard a couple Bluebell students refused to take the bus because it was too “common”, and during isolation they’d only order groceries from Waitrose – if that’s not the most Anwar thing ever, then I’m not sure what is.

Cryfield Standard – Ruby Matthews

Surprisingly, Ruby is not as boujee as she seems. Yes, she’s the leader of the Untouchables, but her series three arc shows she’s not actually the posh arrogant snob she tries so hard to be.

Just as Ruby hides behind the mask of being the Untouchables’ leader, Cryfield Standard does the same thing. It hides behind the Cryfield name in the hope people assume you meant “Cryfield Townhouses”. It’s always a bit awkward when someone has to clarify they meant Standard instead of Townhouses – but hey, we all love Ruby.

She deserved better than Otis and I will forever stand by that statement. If I’m being honest, I’m still not over Otis replying “that’s nice” to Ruby’s “I love you”. Damn it Otis.

Cryfield Townhouses – Olivia Hanan

Just like Ruby and Anwar, Olivia is an Untouchable – and she *definitely* belongs in Townhouses. Both are bright, bold and colourful on the outside, with a tinge of a superiority complex. Townhouses have their own TV and sofas in their kitchen, something Olivia would obviously demand from her uni accom.

Also, seeing as Olivia and Ruby are so close (fiercely sticking up for her bestie after a break-up with that fine gentleman named Otis), it’s only fair that their accoms are paired next to each other.

(P.S that Otis comment was a joke. He is neither fine, nor a gentleman. If you weren’t sure already, Otis slander is more than welcome on this page).

Rootes – Aimee Gibbs

Aimee and Maeve: one is fiercely adorable and the other adorably fierce. Photo credits: Netflix

Now, trust me with this one. At first, Rootes and Aimee appear to be polar opposites: Rootes is rowdy and quite frankly terrifying, and Aimee is bright, sweet and adorably naive.

But that’s exactly why Aimee belongs there. She’s the only one naive and ditzy enough to choose Rootes by accident because she heard it was the most “social”, only to realise her pet goat would be more at home there than her, because let’s not pretend living in Rootes isn’t like living with a bunch of farm animals.

Westwood – Maeve

There’s no one more stubborn than a Westwood student. They insist no, it’s not THAT far away, the walk isn’t TOO bad, and it’s ok because it’s only a five-minute walk from Tesco. All the usual excuses.

In the same way, Maeve is extremely stubborn and defensive, but that’s why we love her. On the surface, she appears to be distant, cold and intimidating. And that’s the same with Westwood – whilst indeed far away and residing in a completely different country, once you get to know the place, it’s actually really fun. Sure, you have to take a three-hour plane journey and navigate four different types of terrains to get there, but Westwood have a cute, tight-knit community that’s pretty lively and fun to be around.

Tocil – Cal Bowman

Name someone (other than Maeve) who’s cooler than Cal, I’ll wait. Photo credits: Netflix

Cal is Sex Ed’s newest character and definitely one of its most underrated. In the same way, Tocil is quite underrated. Whilst not as social as Rootes, it certainly has good party vibes. Like Cal, Tocil is behind the scenes a lot of the time, but also likes to make their presence known whenever there are flat motives about.

Claycroft – Adam Groff

Even this pic has me reaching for the tissues. Photo credits: Netflix

Another underrated accom, and another underrated character. I figured out halfway through first year that Claycroft is actually one of the better non-ensuite accoms. In the same way, we all realised Adam isn’t actually that bad, and quickly grew to love him.

But the only times I walked past Claycroft was to get to Tesco, and it always looked out of place on campus. Similarly, Adam never seems to fit in – whether that be amongst his friends or at school – but he’s always there in the background.

Sherbourne – Eric Effiong

This one doesn’t need much explaining. No one matches Sherbourne’s vibrant, colourful vibe better than Eric. Both are loud, fashionable and outgoing, and despite Sherbs being quite far from central campus, that doesn’t stop them from having fun- in the same way, Eric kinda does his own thing (with Otis), and has the best time doing it too.

Heronbank – Otis Milburn

Erghhh, Otis. Photo credits: Netflix

As you may have gathered, I’m not a massive Otis fan. He’s just so painfully average – what does he have anyway, apart from a mum that everyone’s in love with?

In the same way, Heronbank is so bland. It honestly reminds me of a retirement home – it even smells like one too. Sure, it’s an ensuite accom with a decent social life – but that’s all it has going for it. It’s the same thing with Otis – sure, he’s the show’s main character, but he’s just so boring.

Lakeside – Rahim Harrak

One of my fave interactions from the show. Photo credits: Netflix

Whilst it’s pretty ironic putting Rahim (Lakeside) next to Eric (Sherbourne), there’s something so poetic about Rahim that puts him by the lakes. Rahim is a big fan of poetry and romance – he reads it, writes it, breathes it.

And which Warwick accom is more poetic or romantic than Lakeside? With the view of the lake and the reflection of the sunrise bursting from it in the mornings, what more could you ask for?

 Whitefields – Ola Nyman

Totally forgot Ola existed ngl. Photo credits: Netflix

I’m gonna be honest, when I first started planning this article and making a list of all the characters/accoms – there were only two that I forgot to include. Those two were Whitefields and Ola. I think that sums it up really.

Cryfield Apartments – Lily Iglehart

I wasn’t even aware of this new accommodation, and for that reason I’m giving it to Lily. I feel like no one else would actually be brave or weird enough to put this down as their first choice, even though it seems like it might be really nice to live in.

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