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The official Tab guide to the best brunch places in Leamington Spa

This one’s for all my basic bitches

If there's one thing Leamington has in abundance, it's coffee shops and restaurants. But where in Leam is the best place to brunch, you may be asking? Well fear not. We have tried and tested Leamington's finest brunch places to give you a conclusive guide as to where you should be spending your disposable income while at uni.

The Steamhouse

Steamhouse, where do I start? Situated in North Leam, it's humble, it's quaint, and its coffee is great, albeit overpriced. For what it is and what it serves, Steamhouse is perfect. But saying that, it only serves bagels. So it's not the most inclusive brunch location in Leam, but it's still good.

If you're a lover of bagels, look no further. It's literally what Steamhouse is known for. The fillings are great, presentation is on point, and Insta-worthy-ness is definitely there. The only thing I really have an issue with at Steamhouse is the price. A bagel, some tortilla chips, and a coffee mounting to over £10? Safe to say Steamhouse will have NO student business during week 10 when our loans have run out.

Insta-worthy-ness: 9/10

Price: 2/10

Food quality: 8/10

All-round vibes:7/10

Coffee Architects

Coffee Architects epitomises everything you would want from a brunch place – good vibes, rustic interiors and great Instagrammable potential. This joint is arguably the most popular brunching location in Leamington, being situated just off the Parade. But is it worth the hype?

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Don't get me wrong, Coffee Architects is good, but its popularity made the place seem more like a commercial brunch chain, rather than a homely independent business. The staff were lovely, but quite slow. It is also very busy, we had to wait a good 20 minutes to be seated. The food itself was incredibly ornate, over-the-top, and very Instagrammable, but it came with the price. £9.50 for an avocado smash? If you're looking to be wise with your money, perhaps stick to McDonald's for your breakfast options.

Insta-worthy-ness: 8/10

Price: 5.5/10

Food quality: Good, but not the best, 6/10

All-round vibes: 7/10

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Corleone Caffe

Residing on Regent Street, Corleone is one of those places you would easily walk past without realising what is actually inside. However, the rustic Italian vibes in this cafe are quite unique to Leamington.

The coffee? Incredible. The food? Delicious. And with the vintage 50s posters all over the walls, the interiors are definitely worthy of an Insta pic.

Insta-worthy-ness: 9/10

Price: 9/10

Food Quality: 9/10

A very solid, all round: 9/10


Procaffeinate is a confusing place to say the least. First, its location. When you walk in, you're hit with every Instagram queen's dream- cute interiors, a rustic chic courtyard overlooking the river, fairy lights, greenery, and so much more. Safe to say you wouldn't assume Procaffeinate would be in South Leam.

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It's also a confusing place, because you'd think that an establishment that cared so much about its look would give equal credit to its food. However, the menu at Procaffeinate is mediocre at best. There's nothing crazy about it, nor can you order your "typical" brunching favourites here. It's a great place to just hang out and have a coffee, but its food isn't the best.

Insta-worthy-ness: A solid 10/10

Price: Expensive, 5/10

Food Quality: 4/10

All-round vibes: 6/10

Spa Town Coffee

From the outside, Spa Town Cafe looks like your generic white-top clean indie cafe- and that's exactly what it is. It's pretty surface level in all aspects. The coffee is good enough, the food selection is good enough, but there's no wow factor about this place.

Insta-worthy-ness: 8/10

Price: 7/10

Food Quality: 3/10

All- round vibes: 5/10

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Warwick Street Kitchen

WSK was an unexpected addition to the brunch list. I had never heard of it before, and it wasn't until a friend recommended it that I tried it out. Now, I'm not exaggerating when I say this place was incredible. Firstly, the staff were so lovely, accommodating and friendly from the get-go. Secondly, the food was, unarguably, the best I have ever tasted in Leamington. The avo smash wasn't overbearing, had perfect ratios and the colour of the yolks were BEAUT to say the least.

The price was very reasonable, an avo smash with two poached eggs and bacon came in at a conservative £7. The drinks were also highly rated, one friend remarked that their hot chocolate was "the best I've ever had."

WSK is a hidden gem, a dark horse in the Leamington brunching scene, and deserves more credit than it already has. It can be found on Warwick Street (obviously.)

Insta-worthy-ness: 8/10

Price: 10/10, very reasonable

Food quality: 10/10. They don't play around

All-round vibes: 10/10. Well done WSK, well done.

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