Kasbah responds to recent increase in reports of spiking

They have introduced lids for drinks and a ‘no search, no entry’ policy

Kasbah has responded to the recent increase in reports of spiking, detailing new measures they will be putting in place to keep customers safe.

The popular Coventry club posted a statement on their social media pages, stating: “We are very aware of the recent increase of reports surrounding drink spiking. While these incidents are incredibly rare, we have many preventative and protective safety measures in place to stop this happening.”

They pointed out their existing safety measures, including routinely searching guests, enforcing a “strict zero-tolerance policy” and ejecting anyone seen to be abusing guests or staff, having qualified first aiders and a well-equipped first aid room, and “ensuring management teams and door supervisors are trained to spot vulnerable guests and provide the appropriate level of care”.

The club announced they will be introducing drink covers for anyone who requests one from the bar when they order their drink, and a ‘no search no entry’ policy on the doors.

The club stated: “We take customer’s safety in our bars very seriously. This means ensuring our teams are vigilant, our guests know who to speak to if they feel unsafe or unwell, and we all work together to call out those who behave inappropriately or suspiciously. If you spot anything which looks suspicious, please make a member of staff aware immediately so it can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

“We have worked hard over the past 26 years to create a safe and fun night out for all and we will continue to endeavour to always have our customer’s safety as our number one priority.”