Warwick SU release their Drink-Spiking Action Plan

It includes their current procedures, new measures introduced and plans for the future


Warwick SU have released their Drink-Spiking Action Plan, following the Warwick Night In boycotts last week. The plan details their current operating procedures, and introduces new measures and next steps, all designed to keep Warwick students safe.

The SU fully supported the boycotting of clubs and bars on 27th and 28th October in protest of drink spiking, and even closed their Copper Rooms and Terrace bar venues on the first day of the boycotts to stand in solidarity with the cause.

In a statement released on their website, the SU said they have been “proactively building on the existing safety measures in place in our venues to prevent drink-spiking, and supporting all students who have reported issues to us.” Following talks with Protect Warwick Women and It Happens Here Warwick, they have now created an action plan to tackle drink-spiking.

The plan firstly details their current procedures, which includes regularly reviewing CCTV, comprehensive training for all key staff and clear signposting to the right services and support.

The full list of current operating procedures of the SU

It then lists new additional measures put in place, such as increasing staff in all venues who have been “specifically briefed to be alert to spiking and/or sexual misconduct”, issuing a clear briefing to all club and society social secretaries to ensure drinks are not left unguarded, and relaxing the “no drinks” policy in the smoking area. The SU also promises increased contact with Report & Support and others to “thoroughly investigate any incidents”.

A statement was also sent to all students underlining their zero tolerance approach to spiking.

Finally, the statement laid out the SU’s next steps which include exploring the introduction of anti-spiking devices, writing a clear and accessible procedure for spiking and sexual misconduct reporting, and reviewing current staff training whilst ensuring that staff display the level fo train they have received.

The SU’s next steps

The SU concluded by stating: “Ensuring Warwick students are as safe as possible in our venues is a top priority for the Students’ Union, and we are treating the issue of drink-spiking with the utmost seriousness. We will continue to review and update our action plan to ensure the safety of students in our venues.”

The full statement can be viewed here.

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