13 things Warwick Students need to give up for lent

Stop being so damn annoying

Warwick students can be some of the most annoying people in the country. I should know, I’m one of them. We have stupid little habits that leave everyone around us absolutely seething and ready to strangle us.

And what better time to give up these irritating little habits than the month (well, 40 days) of Lent. A time for discipline, and ridding yourself of bad habits. Okay perhaps a tenuous link but nonetheless, giving up being a pain in the arse is just as important as giving up chocolate.

So please, if you do any of these things, take the time this Lent to stop. Just stop it.

Storming the U1 after POP!

We’re starting off with an absolute classic. Why oh why can’t drunk students remember how to queue? Getting on the bus to come home after POP! is completely traumatic. You’ll get bashed around and suffocated by the amount of people, and when you do end up making it onto the bus, you’ll probably have lost half your kebab in the process.

Writing a Warwick love post instead of telling your crush you like them

This screams of early 2000s MSN energy. MJ is not going to fall in love with you unless you actually tell them your feelings. GK, we all know you wish things had worked out better between you and SH but if you don’t tell SH, SH will never bloody know! Just woman up and tell them.



And whilst we’re on the topic of romance, Second and Third years need to stop preying on poor innocent Freshers at POP! just so you don’t have to trek back to Leam that night. It’s pretty damn creepy. And don’t even get me started on Masters/ Phd students doing it.

Puking in places that aren’t the club loos

Okay this one is pretty grim. I understand if you’re going to vom, you’re going to vom. But don’t do it on the bar. Or the club floor. Or the club sofas. Or the toilet floor. Or the toilet door.

Just use the loo. And remember to FLUSH IT AWAY. No one wants to see what you had for dinner mixed with all the purple you just regurgitated.

Stem students hogging seats in the FAB

It took us Arts students so damn long to get a building of our own that is actually decent and worth working in (screw you Humanities building). So whilst we understand it is a very nice building, please can you get out of it and let us enjoy it?

Workspaces in the FAB are close to our seminars, our lectures and our professors’ offices. They are OUR spaces. Go back to the library. Or one of the many other science buildings Warwick has.

A very angry and very seatless Arts student. Thanks stem students.

Students wearing their ID cards on lanyards

Not much needs to be said here tbh. Just a major ick. Please stop it.

Talking on the silent floor of library

Again, do we really need to say anything. Silence means silence. STFU.


Lol not sure why this is such a contentious issue but multiple students responded to our callout for suggestions on Instagram saying Pret. Okay Warwick students, you heard them. Quit Pret.

FAB is getting a Cafe Nero anyway. On to bigger and better things 😍

Taking the lift for floor two in the library

Sometimes when you’re in a rush to get to floor five and get some intense work done (no doubt pulling an all-nighter for that essay you completely forgot about), you do not want to get in the lift, only for it to stop five seconds later on floor two for that one lazy student who couldn’t be arsed to walk up one flight of steps. Getting the lift for floor three is a tad embarrassing but come on, floor two? Really?

Nothing worse than getting into a lift on ground floor knowing you’ll be stopping on the second floor in five seconds

Pretending to actually enjoy Smack

This one I agree with. When has a visit to Smack actually been enjoyable? Who wants to queue for hours knowing you probably won’t get in, and when you do, you’ll have to listen to sub-par music and queue again to get into the different rooms. Just not worth it.

Taking shirts off for Baywatch

Ew ew ewwwww this is a personal ick of mine. Why do boys insist on whipping off their tops for Baywatch? You’re all gross and sweaty, it’s like clubbing with a load of fish.

The Baywatch is not that much of a bop to begin with, but can I at least enjoy it without the possibility of being slapped in the face by some Football hoodlum’s purrple and sweat sodden shirt?

Playing music on the piazza at 11am

It’s always those people trying to sell tickets to some event you’ve never heard of at some club you’ve never been to. Please let me walk across the Piazza in peace.

You’ll never walk alone… the sound of dodgy house music on a crappy speaker will haunt you

Shopping at Rootes Grocery Store

Guys, what are you doing? The Tesco is literally a ten minute walk away, and if you walk on, you’ll get to every student’s Mecca- Aldi. Just think how many shots you could buy with the money you save…

P.S  A special shout out goes to those people who replied to our Instagram callout for suggestions for this piece with “Trying”, “Warwick students have already given up” and “Reading the Tab”. Thanks.

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