Intruder gets wedged in Arkwright window for five hours

Even the police wanted a selfie with him

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Two heroic freshers helped police catch a suspected intruder who they found stuck in the window of a uni building at Nottingham Trent.

Dan De-Niet, 20, and Tom Burdett, 19, found the man crying and screaming as he was wedged in the Arkwright building.

The pair were coming back from a night out at 2:30 am on Friday morning when they heard the hapless local.

They originally thought that the man was a drunken student, but when he told them he was 27-years-old they twigged that it was highly unlikely.

The man tried to hide his dignity but left his bum exposed as firefighters and police came to free him.

Dan, who studies Property Investment and Finance, said: “I was unsure where the noise was coming from but when I looked up and found him screaming and crying I tried to help by talking to him whilst at the same time taking loads of photos and videos.”

The man, who was clearly in agony, told the first years that he had been stuck in a handstand position half in, half out of the building for five hours.

Dan phoned 999 and soon there were police, fire fighters and university staff on site.

Historian Tom, said: “The police arrived and started pissing themselves laughing and taking selfies with him before they did anything.”

There was no way for the fire fighters to get the guy out other than to break the window.

Tom, said: “The thing I found the funniest was that he’d tried to hide his dignity by tucking his t-shirt into his trousers.

“He didn’t exactly do a great job.”