What happens when your best friend moves away

Distance really does make the heart grow fonder

We all know the plus sides to having a best friend – someone to get drunk with, someone to bring food to your house when you’re hungover and just support through everyday life. But what happens when it’s 2am in your favourite club and you don’t have anyone to hold your drink in the toilet cubicle?

You text constantly

You text more than normal anyway, but since they’ve moved you need to make sure they’re up to date with every moment of your life so they don’t miss a second. And who else would be able to understand all the personal jokes

You clear the calendar for when they’re home

Nothing’s more important than when they’re back. You need to visit all your favourite places together whilst they’re in town

FaceTime is essential (or Skype)

Sometimes it feels like so long has passed that you just need to see their face. The only downside is that the plans you made about starting revision at 8 won’t happen because you end up talking for hours.


You learn random facts about where they live

Where is Beck’s beer brewed? Ever wanted to know a German fairytale?


You save up to see them

As soon as you found out that they’re leaving you knew you had to start putting money aside to make sure you could visit. (Top tip: ask for Ryanair vouchers for Christmas)

You’re Snapchat best friends

As if you weren’t anyway, but how can you pass that really cute place you go to brunch without sending them a picture to remind them how much better it is where you are and that they should come home immediately


Most importantly you learn that no matter how far they are, the distance will only make you love them more and nothing can get in between your friendship. Normally the reason they move away is because of work or educational commitments and nothing makes you more proud than to see them doing well.