‘It’s about listening to your mates’: Meet the Trent students campaigning for mental health awareness

They will be on campus next week

Stormzy will be playing in Rock City

Will the walls of Rock City handle the Storm?

There’s been a flood at IQ student accomodation

Laundry room pool party

SU site crashes within minutes as Varsity tickets go on sale


Prince Harry visits Nottingham, again

It was his sixth visit in three years

Trent students find cave below their house

Imagine the house parties

An Interview With Sophia Tassew a Riotgal and a Uni Dropout

Meet Sophia – a uni drop out who became a creative director at 19

Over half of Trent students think consent classes should be compulsory

But only five per cent have actually been to them

Don’t panic guys, but Nottingham’s M&S might be closing down

We were listed as being one of the most at risk

Nottingham could see snow this week

Lets hope your Ocean theme isn’t anything but clothes

All the dates you need to know for Christmas in Nottingham

Winter is coming

A Trent student was attacked after a night out

Her friend was just behind her

Detonate Halloween was shut down by police three hours early

The main stage had to close for health and safety issues

There’s a consent campaign coming to NTU

It’s called ‘Consent is Everything’

Dirty Mondays are back and better than ever

Sucks for you if you have a 9am on Tuesday

Trent has better student satisfaction than Uni of, says new rankings

And we’re the 63rd best university in the UK

Trent secures its place as one of the world’s top unis

We’re on par with Brighton and Coventry

I got robbed in my sleep at Bestival

They stole a bag from right by my head

Trent students are twice as likely to be violently or sexually assaulted than Uni Of

850 crimes were reported last August alone