SU site crashes within minutes as Varsity tickets go on sale


If you didn’t already know, tickets for Varsity 2017 went on advance sale this morning at 10am.

Since it’s the biggest event in the calendar year, tickets were in high demand and the site crashed within minutes leaving many students unable to buy any.

The SU tweeted that tickets would not go back on sale until the 15th and has since released a statement on the website: “We are currently working with our web provider to resolve the website issues that occurred this morning.

“If you have already purchased your tickets and have received confirmation then congratulations, your ticket is safe.

“If you experienced errors during the payment phase of the transaction which has resulted in you being charged but don’t yet have a confirmation, please don’t worry, we are working with our web providers to resolve these issues and aim to send you a confirmation code as soon as possible.

“If you do not have a ticket, there may be more on sale at a later time. Details to follow.”

Sophie, a third year student, told us, ” I know that last year the ice hockey tickets sold out in less than an hour so I was ready to pay at 10am but after continuously refreshing the page it crashed!”