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Seven very persuasive reasons why Sandby Hall is the best place to live as a Trent fresher

It’s a no brainer!

Whether it’s the big, inclusive flats, the ideal location or the fact that Chunky Chicken is literally a two minute walk away, it is clear that Sandby is the best place to be for all Nottingham Trent students.

The Hampden Street rivalry between Sandby, Hamden Court and Gill Street South is clear to see. But at the end of the day, everyone knows where they would rather be, and here's why.

Sandby has 24-person corridors

"The more the merrier" definitely holds true at Sandby. Making friends is easy with so many people, you’re bound to find someone you like whether you’re the quiet type or a full-on party animal. Sandby is definitely the pinnacle of socialising at Trent.

It's good value for money

Compared to the upper class, high society types living in Gill Street or Byron, the price for Sandby isn’t half bad. Big kitchens, decent rooms and a city-centre location give great value for money. Not to mention everything you could possibly need is right outside your door.

The location is perfect

Probably one of the most important factors. No one wants to be spending time worrying about taxis or buses on nights out. (Brackenhurst and Clifton know what I’m talking about here.) At Sandby, everything you could possibly need is right on your doorstep, which leaves optimum drinking time on nights out.

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The atmosphere is great

We all know that freshers is a crazy time, but Sandby makes it feel that little bit better. With everyone crammed into the common room blasting out tunes, you know you’ve picked the right place. And when it's time to hit the clubs, you’re literally there already.

Chunky Chicken is only two minutes away…

Do I need to say anymore for this one?

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Not tempting enough? Chicken Lickin’ is just beyond it

Chicken Lickin’ is the place to be after a night out in my opinion.

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Despite all the fun, you're still able to get a decent night's sleep

On the occasion when we aren’t out living it up in Ink or embarrassing ourselves on Ocean Wednesday’s, catching up on some much needed sleep is important. Sandby’s spacious corridors can accommodate this. Can the same be said for Byron, which is situated right on top of the SU? Which plays loud music all night, every night? Not ideal for those important nights in, really.

Sandy’s clearly the winner here ladies and gentlemen. Whether you’re looking for value for money, crazy pres or a cheeky late night Chunky Chicken, Sandby is the place. Gill Street and Byron can keep their money, I know where I’d rather be.