Imogen James

Imogen James
Trent University


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36 hours and NO money

SU site crashes within minutes as Varsity tickets go on sale


Over half of Trent students think consent classes should be compulsory

But only five per cent have actually been to them

A Trent student was attacked after a night out

Her friend was just behind her

There’s a consent campaign coming to NTU

It’s called ‘Consent is Everything’

Trent students are twice as likely to be violently or sexually assaulted than Uni Of

850 crimes were reported last August alone

One in 25 John Moores students will be a victim of violent or sexual assault

More needs to be done

Three per cent of King’s students will be victim to violent and sexual crimes

Less than LSE though

One in 50 Durham students will be the victim of violent or sexual assault

Less likely than Newcastle

Cardiff students drink some of the cheapest wine in the country

My head

Liverpool students drink the cheapest wine in the country

My head

John Moores students buy the the cheapest wine in the country

My head

Craig David is coming to Birmingham

It’s in March

Craig David is coming to Cardiff

And the crowd say Bo’ Selectaaaaaaa

Exeter students spend the most money on Jack Wills

Just when you thought we’d overcome the stereotype

I am a cheese addict and went a MONTH without it

It wasn’t grate

My parents moved to Norwich and now my life is over

Sorry Norwich, but you’re shit